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Chic Soda


Just look at this packaging! What a beautiful transparent can/bottle hybrid. The local Chinese grocery store sells this and I’ve tried most of the flavors by now. Lychee is my usual go-to but I thought I’d give this white peach another hit. The green apple is also very refreshing and flavorful. Asian sodas make the world go round. I’m also a fan of the Japanese sodas with those cool glass marbles in the bottles–Ramune.

Hip Asian Eats in Chicago

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I always love eating out in Chicago and I tend to choose hip Asian fusion joints that would otherwise never be found in Madison, WI. This jewel of a place is called Manee Thai and it’s located in the Wicker Park area. I actually ate here last year while visiting Chicago but their menu items updated and I totally didn’t recognize it, haha.

John and I ordered:

-Shrimp wonton soup

-Peanut satay chicken and rice

-Crab in a bag fried deliciousness with a sweet Thai chili sauce

The broth in all Asian soup dishes always surprise me by their flavorfulness while being completely clear. This wonton soup was no exception. You will not believe how hard it is to purchase fresh bean sprouts in WI…well, maybe you will since the staple diet here is cheese, bread, brats and beer, lol.

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Berries ‘n Cream


This is another hand-crafted individually made cupcake from the local European bakery in Middleton. It’s berries and cream flavored and there’s the cutest little ice cream cone shaped chocolate topper on top! The frosting tasted too sweet at first but towards the middle is a tart flavor that complemented the cream well. I’m just a huge sucker for pretty cupcakes!