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My Love of Potstickers

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Fried potstickers are a go-to comfort food for me. None of that mac ‘n cheese or grilled cheese as “home-cooking” for me! Madison only has 2 pseudo Asian grocery stores so I don’t have many options when it comes to craving Chinese delicacies. They do, however carry frozen bags of dumplings with a variety of fillings so that’s enough to satisfy me. I like to fry them up on a non-stick pan and then present them in an artsy way. I have been told that my dipping sauce is amazing and I’m very particular about it. I tend to judge lots of Chinese restaurants based on how their house chili sauce is. If a server hands me a bottle of Sriracha sauce, you’re probably at Noodles & Company.

Sauce ingredients: soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, chili oil and flakes, grape seed oil, sesame oil, scallions/chives, minced garlic

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Mary Jane Pumps


I bought these at Dots way back in 2002. They are versatile and girly even in black. Lately it has become harder to walk in them for extended periods because they somehow pinch my fourth little toe on the right. I’ve also fallen out of love with rounded-toe shoes so they don’t bring me the usual amount of joy now :(. Pointy-toed shoes lengthen you legs and polish up a look effortlessly. A brighter color can be intimidating when it draws to a point but a pastel or neutral tone can certainly sophisticate a whole outfit.


Open-Toed Stilettos


This is my sole pair of open-toed heels. I bought them last year at a time where I made no differentiation between closed-toed v. open-toed heels. Now I exclusively shop for closed-toed stilettos simply because they are fit for any occasion, more formal, more environment/bad weather friendly. I got this pair at Charming Charlie’s in West Towne Mall and had to slip some heel grips as well as sole cushions to make them as snug as they can be on me for being a 5.5. I love the pattern and earthy tones. I also liked the price ($5 ;)).

I didn’t get a chance to really showcase them last year but I did bust them out for a wedding in Cleveland this summer, so it’s all been worth it!

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One of my bridesmaids Michelle made all the attendents of my bachelorette party these amazing favor bags and mine came with this miniature Sparkletini Italian raspberry spritzer! She got these cute little bottles at World Market and thought we’d all enjoy them without getting too much of a headache. It was easy to open and easy to drink (for someone allergic to alcohol…). The bubbles and raspberry flavor make this drink a winner!