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Linguine and Clams


My homemade adventure continues! Onto chapter linguini and clams! This has always been my favorite Italian pasta dish, so naturally, I wanted to do a homemade version.


-Can of minced clams


-Sliced button mushrooms

-Chopped scallions

-Minced garlic

White sauce: clam juice, milk, half&half, lemon juice, garlic salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, olive oil

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Halloween Fashion


As far as commercial holidays go, I do really enjoy Halloween. I am attracted to all the redhead costumes ever because they just happen to be the best dressed and sexiest. Since I definitely don’t have the build for Jessica Rabbit, I settled on Poison Ivy, my favorite Batman villain. I’m not quite a fan of the ’80s and ’90s animated Poison Ivy but the New Adventures of Batman cartoon series perfected her look. The animation improved tenfold and all the characters were given a darker color scheme and simpler silhouettes. The upside of choosing a costume first is that John gets to match me :). He went all out at our local Goodwill and pieced together a killer Riddler look.

My Halloween costume elements:

-Kelly green satin corset with black velvet ivy-like print that clips together in the front

-Black stretch opera gloves (so frustrated because I couldn’t find a good pair of forest green ones. All the Amazon pairs were $25+ for freaking gloves…)

-Knee-high 3-in snakeskin boots

-Black velvet choker

-Teal tights

-Black booty shorts (for the 2nd party, I wore this pair of black lace panties over the tights channeling Batman himself, lol, because these shorts looked ridiculous)

-Red lipstick!

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Watermelon Sparkle Nails!


I’ve avoided the bright pinks for too long and especially for breast cancer awareness month, it’s making a big comeback on my style radar again!

I would describe this color as a very hot watermelon hue and the alternating glitter topcoat is a shiny fairy dust pink. I would like to try just the pink glitter sometime because it looks absolutely stunning in the bottle. I’m surprised by how smooth and pigmented these little bottles are; makes me want to go back to West Towne Mall and pick up another set of these in different colors!

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Farmer’s Market Snack


Chowed down on this healthy and scrumptious dinner bought from the lovely farmer’s market right next to where I work.

Love these organic banana peppers and sunburst cherry tomatoes! I’m all for eating hearty dishes, but sometimes what satisfies me the most is actually a plate of fresh juicy veggies.

I split the banana peppers, took out all the spicy seeds and pan fried them with olive oil and garlic salt. Then I added the tomatoes and sprinkled red pepper flakes, black pepper, oregano and drizzled on some sesame oil. Don’t get me started with sesame oil. It is my favorite smell in the world and adds a sophistication and depth of flavor to any savory dish.