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Peach Salsa!


I’ve been on an adventurous homemade kick and I want to document my recipes :).



-1 large ripe yellow peach

-2 banana peppers


-minced garlic

-half a large red onion

-2 medium on the vine tomatoes


-olive oil

-hot sauce

-black pepper, garlic salt

-touch of honey

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Chilled Silken Tofu


This is hands down my favorite appetizer dish to make! It is fresh, crisp and deliciously healthy!


-silken tofu

-chopped scallions

-minced garlic

-Chinese hot chili sauce (Old Godmother’s is the one brand I’m completely loyal to. aka Lao Gan Ma)

-just a sprinkling of red onion

-grape seed oil

-sesame oil

-shoyru (light and sweetened soy sauce)

-balsamic vinegar