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Baroque Portfolio Clutch!


My newest love! I’ve wanted an envelope clutch for a long time now and I’ve finally found one that’s both gorgeous in looks and price! The vintage cutout pattern is insanely cute and the option of the long strap is kind of cute. Of course, I just tuck it inside completely and clutch it like a real clutch. The cross body look and messenger bags are too masculine for me. The white and gold palette ends up being a neutral for most of my outfits and outerwear. It is pretty flat and shallow so stick in a wallet, lipstick, keys and pill case and it’s filled. Used this baby on my recent St. Louis weekend roadtrip and it served its purpose well!

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Julep Mani II


This was a much better consistency and creme quality than my last try of Julep nail polish! This demure nude color goes on thick and even. It has a fancy name of “Florence.” For a whole year, I’ve been trying to add splashes of color to my nail palette and ESSIE has really helped out with that. Now that it’s winter, darks and nudes are coming into play again! I’m a huge fan of a the buff nail and French manicure. They just make your hands look so ladylike and delicate.

Had to remember to cancel my Decemeber Maven box this time so I wasn’t automatically charged. Julep always picks the box that doesn’t really strike my fancy even though the quiz describes me. It’s a flawed system but I’ll wait it out til January to see if there’s a cool enough box for me. Otherwise, you must call customer service to cancel your account. They make it hard so you forget about skipping every month and just get charged.


Birthday Fun 2013

I turned 26 on November 13th! I already feel like I’m a functioning, logical adult so my older age confirms this. But whatever age you turn, getting pampered never gets old 🙂



Exhibit A: my coworker at the office bought me a huge chocolate cake complete with candles, matches and even a sweet card! So wonderful!


A Madison-chain bar/restaurant celebrates my birthday with a free mug, birthday cocktail, burger, bracelet and sundae. Boy, do I feel special.


The hubby took me out to a hip Asian Ramen & Dumpling bar downtown that I’ve wanted to go to since Valentine’s Day. We pigged out with these succulent pork belly mantou buns for the appetizer and sipped the warmed sake. I have to say that for me, sake > wine. I attribute that to the natural Asian-ness in my genes but the taste and aftertaste of sake is just so much smoother and pleasant than any type of wine.


Main course time! These huge bowls of ramen were da bomb. I got the tonkotsu flavor–rich pork broth with fresh ramen noodles topped with flavor infused egg, braised pork, marinated bamboo shoots, nori and a generous sprinkling of scallions. Warmed me right up during this 30-degree weather day…

I was so shocked when I came to the US to learn that ramen noodles were considered a poor college kid’s dinner. It is totally not so. That rich broth itself takes like 2 days to perfect, if you’re serious about it. In China, poaching an egg in a bowl of noodles is no big deal; I thought it was pretty standard. I guess that’s why all my college roommates were so impressed by my “real” instant noodle meals. I chopped vegetables, sauteed meats, sprinkled scallions and poached an egg into every bowl of instant noodles from the Asian grocery store. Why skimp on the good stuff?


Birthday dessert = heaven. Mango mochi ice cream atop drizzled chocolate sauce. Oh, my!

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Furry Boots!


I had to throw out my 5-yr old pair of pink fuzzy snow boots after the zipper broke so this new pair is my handsome replacement :).

Online, they came in bright red (black fur), tan (cream fur), black (brown fur) but this sandy beige shade is definitely the chicest and eyecatching in my opinion. The slight wedge heel is perfect for shorties! It even came with these belt decorations to wrap around the fur part. I could take them off and lengthen the boots to their full height as well so I love the versatility. Not sure if these will also be able to last 5 years, but I can at least be hip-looking this winter ;).

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It’s Tea Time in Germany



After months of coaxing, my friend from Cincinnati gave me a visit all the freezing way up here. She bought a present for me last year while vacationing in Germany and I finally received it!

I’m into tea–being Asian and all. I guess it’s in my blood, or rather tea flows through my veins? Anyways, I’m one of those gurus who drink loose leaf, brand name teas straight from my tea-producing hometown in China. I scoff at those who need to add sugar or honey or something to their nondescript bags of black tea. I figure if I ever go to England, I would LOVE to go to high tea and add cream and sugar but usually for me, tea is a beverage like water and I would never add sugar or honey to water.

This precious little set is a complete tea service for one! The top part is the teapot, the bottom half is the teacup and they rest on the matching saucer dish with a nub part to hold everything in place. Ah, what a wonderfully appropriate gift for me. I can take this item off my wedding registry now! Just waiting for a cast iron teapot and Primula flowering tea blossoms ;).

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Suede Booties


Time for a shoe post! These pretty little high heeled booties are not new but since Madison has officially entered winter phase, I am busting out a whole other set of footwear!

I love the height, the deep brown color, the cute laces, the velvety material…but curse my tiny feet! I wish I fit them better and I can NEVER control myself when I see shoes I absolutely love. I’m actually trying to sell these babies much to my sadness in preparation for my eventual move out of this city. The Poshmark app on the iPhone is super amazing and beneficial! I just successfully sold another pair of cute suede, high-heeled slip on clogs on that app that were 2 sizes too big for me. At the time of purchase, I convinced myself that I just needed a pair of thick socks to rock these shoes, but they still never quite fit :(. Hence, most of my shoes are in like-new condition and all too big for me.

Please check out my closet and help me get rid of some of my fashion finds!



Julep Mani


I tried out this Julep brand partly just because of the packaging, partly because I only had to pay for the shipping.

I usually don’t like dark nail polishes so I only own 2 deep blues and that’s about it. I wanted to challenge myself and try something witchy and bold for this cold weather season. This color is deepest plum and the Julep name is Padma. The box printed all sorts of claims, like hexagonal coverage, breathable nails and green coffee beans? Anyways, my take on it is that the formula is way too thick. The brush is a weird, chunky shape and length making application really messy (even for steady hands like mine). The color is also even darker than from what I see in the bottle which is disappointing because now I just have goth black nails like a teenager :(. The only okay part about this overly expensive nail polish is the coverage–I painted 2 coats but you really only need one with this hue and this brand.


Diamond Candles!


My obsession!

*So I wrote the longest post I’ve ever written on here and saved and saved and saved. I updated something on my phone and apparently nothing saved. That whole post is gone. Thanks, WordPress.

Basically I wanted to celebrate the fact that candles (technology used in the ancient times of the world) are still used and enjoyed today, which is amazing! The scented ones smell great and warm up rooms! Specifically, I find Diamond Candles intriguing because:

1) Burn forever at like 160hrs or something

2) Burn cleanly and evenly with it being made out of soy and such

3) Can re-use the air-tight glass jar for storing flour/sugar/brown sugar!

4) OMG the ring that comes inside!

Both rings I’ve gotten so far have been cheap and the sizes have ranged from 8-9. UUUUUGGGGH. Why must people have such ginormous hands to have a size 9 be average? This is unacceptable. My ring size is a 4 and while I realize in America that is not standard, can there be at least size 5 rings in there? Ultimately, it’s not the value of the ring that is the biggest appeal to me. Heck, my engagement ring will trump anything I pull out of these candles. No, I just want these rings to be at least pretty and fashionable. I see pictures all the time of girls holding up peridot-like rings and citrine and pink quartz and I would love to have any of those fancy gems! But white? Real original, Diamond Candles…

At $30 a pop, they run super expensive for just candles. Something else I’m definitely not impressed with is their actual scent. It is too light and cannot even scent a whole room no matter how small. The selection nowadays is horrendous–all food smells and all crappy ones too. I’ve wanted the Rosewood and Honeydew ones FOREVER and they are perpetually out of stock on the website. But there’s a glut of nasty Candy Corn candles so go figure. The smell deciders of that company need to have a talk with me…

No-no smells for Kathy:







The Birthday Cake candle is an exception because it was a special early birthday present from my hubby and it was the perfect candle for the occasion. Plus, there’s also Sweety Pea to look forward to!

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Melon Bar Treat


Absolutely love this frozen dessert! This particular brand of cream and fruit bars come in 2 different flavors: juicy mango and honeydew melon. Just the sheer appearance of them make my mouth water. The left strip is a ice-creamy vanilla and the bigger right half is soft, pureed, frozen fruit! These are definitely healthier than plain old tubs of ice cream but the price of these things might deter purchasing 5 boxes at once. At 5 bars, they are $6 at the Chinese grocery store :(. There is a smaller version without the wooden stick at Trader Joe’s but they are harder to eat without getting cream/juice all over your hands, plus the fruit part is not as delicious. Mmmm…beautiful and delish.