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Diamond Candles!



My obsession!

*So I wrote the longest post I’ve ever written on here and saved and saved and saved. I updated something on my phone and apparently nothing saved. That whole post is gone. Thanks, WordPress.

Basically I wanted to celebrate the fact that candles (technology used in the ancient times of the world) are still used and enjoyed today, which is amazing! The scented ones smell great and warm up rooms! Specifically, I find Diamond Candles intriguing because:

1) Burn forever at like 160hrs or something

2) Burn cleanly and evenly with it being made out of soy and such

3) Can re-use the air-tight glass jar for storing flour/sugar/brown sugar!

4) OMG the ring that comes inside!

Both rings I’ve gotten so far have been cheap and the sizes have ranged from 8-9. UUUUUGGGGH. Why must people have such ginormous hands to have a size 9 be average? This is unacceptable. My ring size is a 4 and while I realize in America that is not standard, can there be at least size 5 rings in there? Ultimately, it’s not the value of the ring that is the biggest appeal to me. Heck, my engagement ring will trump anything I pull out of these candles. No, I just want these rings to be at least pretty and fashionable. I see pictures all the time of girls holding up peridot-like rings and citrine and pink quartz and I would love to have any of those fancy gems! But white? Real original, Diamond Candles…

At $30 a pop, they run super expensive for just candles. Something else I’m definitely not impressed with is their actual scent. It is too light and cannot even scent a whole room no matter how small. The selection nowadays is horrendous–all food smells and all crappy ones too. I’ve wanted the Rosewood and Honeydew ones FOREVER and they are perpetually out of stock on the website. But there’s a glut of nasty Candy Corn candles so go figure. The smell deciders of that company need to have a talk with me…

No-no smells for Kathy:







The Birthday Cake candle is an exception because it was a special early birthday present from my hubby and it was the perfect candle for the occasion. Plus, there’s also Sweety Pea to look forward to!


Author: frithe13th

I am a young professional who cares a great deal about fashion, beauty, food, literature, art--anything and everything that inspires and/or draws an incredible amount of awe from me.

2 thoughts on “Diamond Candles!

  1. I’ve tried over 10 candle brands including yankee candle and if you’re looking for the most potent scent (literally fills your house) i’d go with Uva. I found their site uvastyles.com when my friend shared a 2 for 1 deal for them on shopcreep.com and have been addicted since. I’ve actually reused the jewelry that comes with the candles too, which is a nice plus 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip! I just checked out the Uva site but there are only 3 candles–is that really it? Didn’t look like jewelry was in the candle either. But I do like Yankee candles as well. Bath and Body Works has the best scented ones so far for me.

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