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First Professional Manicure!


Yes, it’s true–I’ve never ever gotten a manicure at a salon until last night. I went to Madison’s Rejuvenation Spa and had a great experience! My package came with a lotioned hand massage, cuticle soak and trim, nail cut and buff, base coat + OPI color + top coat + spray dry. This place gives you the bottle of OPI color, nail filer and buffing block, which is really nice!

I’ve been to this spa 3 times now and even my time in their waiting areas have been great! There are plenty of chocolate pieces, lemon waters, trail mix and dried fruits. The OPI collection lacks a lot of fun colors–no pastels or greens/blues. There are a million dfferents shades of reds and browns to choose from though! I chose this warm eggplant purple because I still want to give this hue a good try. My Julep experience was just a doozy.

I would say that a regular Salon manicure is pretty much the same as what I would do at home. I have all the materials for a DIY pro-looking mani–just invest in rich, opaque colors, build up a collection and you’re good to go! I even add a sugar hand scrub sometimes to really smooth my hands. However, this won’t be my last visit to Rejuvenation Spa before I move out of Madison. There is still the pedicure adventure I have yet to treat myself to!

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Glitter Craft


Got this sweet Urban Decay glitter set from my good friend when I visited her in St Louis 2 weekends ago. Even though the box clearly said Body Art, I definitely turned it into craft art. I took an old watch box, painted it in black acrylic paint and did my thing with the stencil and glitter set. You can definitely see the Urban Decay personality come through here ;). I mean what other company would give you glittertastic colors and skull stencils?

Yes, my bathroom counter will be covered in glitter until I drench it with Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner…worth it! Now I love this new jewelry box and can’t wait to dazzle another otherwise container!

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Hostess Tea Set


I threw a tea party yesterday and couldn’t resist taking a picture of my hostess set for one. The serving set only has 3 cups and saucers, so I’m really really hoping someone gets me that 4-person set on my Macys wedding registry to realize my fancy tea party dreams ;).

This exquisite cup and saucer is gold-rimmed with a lush floral print. The detail on the inside of the cup is too darling. My pinky is always sticking out if I drink from this cup. It is one of my favorite gift-with-purchase! My cousin in China bought this pricey Mao Tai rice wine and it came with this gorgeous set. For buying alcohol, we’re going to give you this tea set, lol! I’m not complaining–my family got the booz and I got a tea set!

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Diamond Candle Reveal!


This is my third diamond candle and the second one from my birthday bundle gift :).

I was pleasantly surprised by the Sweety Pea scent! It lingers longer, scents a whole room and had a better ring! I am convinced that the colored waxes yield better fragrances now. This deep eggplant purple confirms my suspicions after burning through 2 white candles in the past. My ring also was the prettiest this time–my only wish is that it could have been a size 5 or even 6. Nope…of course, it comes in a size 9 (John fit it perfectly on his ring finger and he is a men’s size 9) just like the other 2 rings I’ve gotten before. Didn’t need the lack of markings to tell me that it’s a stainless steel ring with rhinestones; still cute though and suspenseful enough to wait 15 hrs of burn time for!