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First Professional Manicure!



Yes, it’s true–I’ve never ever gotten a manicure at a salon until last night. I went to Madison’s Rejuvenation Spa and had a great experience! My package came with a lotioned hand massage, cuticle soak and trim, nail cut and buff, base coat + OPI color + top coat + spray dry. This place gives you the bottle of OPI color, nail filer and buffing block, which is really nice!

I’ve been to this spa 3 times now and even my time in their waiting areas have been great! There are plenty of chocolate pieces, lemon waters, trail mix and dried fruits. The OPI collection lacks a lot of fun colors–no pastels or greens/blues. There are a million dfferents shades of reds and browns to choose from though! I chose this warm eggplant purple because I still want to give this hue a good try. My Julep experience was just a doozy.

I would say that a regular Salon manicure is pretty much the same as what I would do at home. I have all the materials for a DIY pro-looking mani–just invest in rich, opaque colors, build up a collection and you’re good to go! I even add a sugar hand scrub sometimes to really smooth my hands. However, this won’t be my last visit to Rejuvenation Spa before I move out of Madison. There is still the pedicure adventure I have yet to treat myself to!

Author: frithe13th

I am a young professional who cares a great deal about fashion, beauty, food, literature, art--anything and everything that inspires and/or draws an incredible amount of awe from me.

2 thoughts on “First Professional Manicure!

  1. I like treating myself to manicures and pedicures occasionally (once a year or so) because I don’t/can’t do what they do myself 😀

  2. Once a year is reasonable :). I think I will have to bump up my routine to once a year as well in addition to augmenting my nail colors selection at home! It sure is a treat, isn’t it?

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