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Satin Finish Mani


After my last trip to Rejuvenation Spa, I chose one of the Gwen Stefani OPI bottles to take with me and I am impressed! This is a true matte finish nail polish!

This glam gold color looks even more luxurious because of its velvety, non-gloss finish. I’ve been searching for an all-in-one for a long time, without having to buy the extra topcoat! It’s such a novel look and has such a curious feel that I was pretty obsessed with my fingers for a couple of days. The only downside? You can’t put a glossy topcoat on to perserve it so the chipping starts early in your week. Worth it, I’d say, to have such a fancy, brushed-chrome look!

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Asian Place Settings


I had to admire my dinner setup just before chowing down! Contents include:

-2 deep bowls of hot, cloudy miso soup (miso paste, scallions, sesame oil, water, red chili oil, seaweed strips)

-2 ceramic dipping bowls with delicious sauceĀ in preparation for the steamed dumplings

-2 pairs of sakura blossom wooden chopsticks

-2 blue patterned porcelain chopstick holders


Space Shoes!


I have the duo set of these awesome pumps! This hologram collection is the bee’s knees! Love the opalescence and the chic black interior. What I love most about this collection is that the 5.5 size fits more like a 5. Thank you, Forever 21, you understand the cruel predicament of us tiny-footed gals!

I rarely ever go shopping during the weekend because the mall is on my way to and from work. But I got to use my Wrapp app passes and indulge in my monthly Godiva truffle :). SO glad I’m moving away from the desolate wasteland of Wisconsin! Here’s hoping an early spring will come so I can give these new shiny kicks a try!

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Suede + Studs


Thought it was time to upgrade from my little girl Mary Jane style black pumps! I think these black suede pumps with gold studs did the trick ;). I compromised by going with slightly almond-shaped toe instead of my current pointy-toed obsession. The end result makes for a less severe pair of black heels–still basic enough for the office, I’d say!

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Mani Monday


I turned my Monday into an awesome day! First of all, it was a whooping 35 F degrees–warmer by 50-70 degrees since the last few weeks in Madison! It’s basically heaven for me here. I had a relatively easy workday, followed by a trip to the spa/salon I usually go to. I was hooked after the initial professional manicure, so this is my second trip :). I chose OPI color Senorita Rosealita, a perfectly rich-hued scarlet for the deep winter days…this spa location always gives you a full size bottle of polish to take home and I chose part of the Gwen Stefani collection in a matte gold; SO excited to try that out for myself sometime!

Right after the relaxing manicure, I went next door to this Parisian bakery and bought a freshly baked peach tart! Satisfied, I headed out and came home to a chicken pot pie made from scratch! I usually do the cooking so it’s always a treat when my fiance tries out his culinary chops ;). To all of you who hate Mondays, it’s just another day of the week–you can always make it great by planning something you know you’ll like!

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NYC Treats!


Picking a place to eat in Chinatown, NYC is soooo easy. The dinner I had was a mouth-watering yun tung mein. Shrimp filled wontons with eggy noodles all in a bowl of rich broth.

Dessert consisted of marble cheesecake, passion fruit cheesecake and a large creamy honeydew bubbletea! Three cheers for Chinese bakeries!