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Wild Orchid Mani

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I’m loving this ladylike and saturated color! This Wild Orchid shade from H&M is a good summer and spring color. The polish goes on opaque and the finish is very glossy without chipping immediately (unlike a lot of OPI ones I’ve tried). The bottle itself is tiny, however the beautiful roses all around the cap makes up for it ;). I would say this is a rich, feminine magenta. It also goes along with Patone’s color of the year: Orchid. It is a redder orchid rather than Patone’s more purply one.

I like that the bottle is so small because it gives me more chances to try new, wild colors without keeping this one in the dust for so long. It gives me great pleasure to use up an entire beauty product. I rarely do because of the breadth of my collection, but it is a satisfying moment!


Author: frithe13th

I am a young professional who cares a great deal about fashion, beauty, food, literature, art--anything and everything that inspires and/or draws an incredible amount of awe from me.

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