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Hot Pink Mani


H&M hot watermelon nail polish in City

Sephora nail polish on the ring finger in Cement

Top coat of H&M pinktastic glitter in Zoo (part of the City/Zoo duo)

After two weeks of my chic matte nails, I’m ready for the brassy, sassy glossiness again! Two coats of the watermelon pink is all you need to get opaque coverage in perfection. I’m so glad I chose such a vibrant color because Pittsburgh is rainy, rainy, rainy today! It cheers me up just to stare at my nails. Happy Wednesday!

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New Trend


Apparently this is the new trend in the world of nail art: paint the 4th nail a different color than the rest of your fingers. I really love the OPI matte gold. My camera picked up the shine but there’s really no gloss; just velvety matte goodness! The blue is a true royal blue from the Color Club. The first day is always a bit rough because some excess is bound to end up on the sides of my nails. The subsequent days are much better because they just naturally wash out from my skin leaving me with a clean mani!


Southern-Style Chicken Dinner


Mmmm! I do love me some good Southern food. I haven’t done a food-related post in a long time so here we go!

Biscuits: Pillsbury honey butter layers

Chicken: Breast and thigh meat pan fried with bacon fat (mmmm…)

Grill sauce: Buttermilk ranch dressing + Stonewall Kitchen BBQ Ketchup, rosemary, mint, dill weed

Green Beans: I put a little bit of water into the pan after taking out the chicken so that the meat drippings and left over sauce coated the beans. Sprinkled on some sea salt and sauteed until cooked.

Drink: Jones soda green apple with fresh lemon slices and rocks