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Pittsburgh Sights

From a mere 50 degrees last week to a blazing 82 this past weekend, Pittsburgh cannot transition into fall in good conscience, it seems ;).


This weekend was incredibly hot so the hubbs and I took a much-needed long hike through the heart of downtown Pittsburgh to familiarize ourselves with our home! Here I am with some nonchalant geese. The wet spots you see on the concrete was due to a super random event that happened just as I was getting this picture taken. A group of 3 guys asked John if he wanted to shotgun a beer with them. Why not? Friendly people downtown, haha.


Loving this stretch of the trail with all its pretty autumn colors and great water front view. I do not want to know what rent for one unit in this apartment building besides me costs…


We stopped by this waterfall area twice just to cool off! It was the perfect interactive place to splash around, climb up and down and people watch! It reminded me of a similar place in San Fran, but this is nicer and not as crowded!


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Chinese Lite


My hump day meal included the following:

-my mom’s dumplings. I could eat these everyday and not get tired of them. To me, dumplings are the ultimate comfort food. There’s also an endless list of ways to cook them. I boiled these for dumpling soup. Filling = pork, scallions, nappa cabbage, shitake mushroom.

-sauce: balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, minced garlic, fresh chives, red chili oil (Lao Gan Ma), sesame oil

-fried rice: generous chunks of cooked ham, 2 eggs, chopped romaine lettuce, sweet onion, pickled jalapeno peppers, black pepper, sea salt, soy sauce, tiny bit of mayo (something new I decided to add!)

To serve with classic flair, do all white, square plating. Chic and fresh!

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Vase Crafts



People are going to think I’m ridiculous but I got this craft idea after watching Captain America II. You heard right, NOT Pinterest, haha. My hubby and I have been collecting wine corks for 2.5 yrs now (throwing away some of the lower-end brands and any unmarked corks) with no way of displaying them. They have been sitting in a box collecting dust until I saw a character in that movie tastefully display his collection of wine bottle corks in a large, amber-tinted vase in his living room. I immediately did the same thing to the most beautiful vase we own.



This nice square glass vase came with the Stargazer lilies I ordered for my mom last Christmas. She adored the flowers but gave me back the vase for a future craft–my mom knows me well! I filled it halfway with aquarium glass pebbles in royal blue and plastic diamonds (leftover from wedding planning). Then I topped it off with two delicate origami waterlilies. I leave both these vases on our wide window sill. The stones sparkle when they catch the sunlight and imitate ripples of waves under my paper flowers!


Posh Mani


I love pairing these two colors! This deep and rich purplish navy is so right for this breezy fall season! The pop of shimmery posh pink is more than enough to preppify this manicure ;). I like the hot pink/navy combination of colors so much I have this whole Pinterest board just filled with all these amazing furniture and home decor pieces I wish to someday have.

Nail polishes used:

-Essie’s Madison Ave-Hue

-Victoria’s Secret Game On

I secretly hope this polish doesn’t last as long as my last mani so that I can change up more colors! Essie, why must you be so long-lasting?

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Down Time Painting


Blocking out some time to do a little art project is good for someone who spends 8 hours of her day staring at a screen. It took me two brief sittings to finish this and while it’s nothing special or masterful, I can point to it tangibly and say, “here’s the result of my free time spent doing this!” I usually paint with oils so going back to acrylic on canvas is a little like downgrading. I even busted out my linseed oil to attempt to liquefy my paints a little more. If not in use for over 8 minutes, your blob of freshly squeezed acrylic paint will dry. I used the cute wooden palette board that came with this painter’s set and I must have been doing something completely wrong because those colors are on there permanently!

I tend to prefer still life paintings, so this chippy little lighthouse scene is quite different than my other works. The paints the set came with are very very basic so without putting too much effort into the art of mixing, the end result is that this piece is full of stark, primary colors. The style isĀ kindergarten-esque, albeit with some control of the brush. I am just proud that I finished and that what I painted could be loosely recognized as objects in real life. šŸ˜‰

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Comfort Eats


Never mind the exorbitant $2.25 PER macaron. Never mind that I had a huge zao cha (dim sum) breakfast with 12 tapas right before. I saw a stunning tower of perfectly displayed macarons in all colors of the pastel rainbow. The door opened and gorgeous gorgeous French bakery smells surrounded me 360. I was transportedĀ back to all the Parisian bakeries I bought my pain au chocolat and fruit tarts from everyday I was in France. Normally, I’m not even a big macaron person because the hard candy shell and excessive food coloring usually would appeal to me after another less sweet pastry. But I saw that they were freshly made and filled with chilled cream which was great on that sweltering day. I chose a rose almond flavor and the hubby got the cream pistachio. Dainty. Creamy. Oh-so-French! Ā IMG_1880.JPG


Chili! My best friend from college visited me over the weekend and brought back my favorite Ohio souvenir–Skyline Chili! It’s a thinner, beefier type of chili that is meant to go over coneys or a generous bowl of spaghetti. Really, this is the only way to ever eat chili. I have here a 4-way which includes:

-hot Skyline chili from a can

-thin spaghetti

-“fancy shredded” (which just means really really thin) cheddar cheese

-raw chopped onion

-fresh chives (this is not an authentic Cincinnati ingredient, but I prefer it over beans)

So hearty! So Ohioan! It was the perfect meal to usher in the mild Fall weather.

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Burger Feast


I haven’t eaten at Max & Erma’s since leaving moving out of Ohio, so it was nice to revisit this campy family restaurant again. The hubs and I go straight for their burgers, which was an excellent choice. I’m usually the strict type of “entree girl” but I can’t just ignore the glossy pictures flashing me juicy bacon strips, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, guacamole, marinara sauce…wait, what the heck kind of burger is this? The menu boasts the name “Garbage Burger” and lived up to my expectations. It also came with slices of cheddar, swiss and mozzarella cheeses, lettuce, tomato and pickles.

Best feature of Max & Erma’s? Definitely their no-charge substitution rule. I swapped out their regular beef patty for a brat burger (yes, maybe because I was missing WI food, haha). I also switched out my fries for a side of their DELICIOUS grilled asparagus. I want to make asparagus exactly like theirs from now on:

-lightly grilled asparagus

-black pepper

-coarse sea salt

-lemon juice or a light vinaigrette

I also asked for some dipping sauces and their house ranch and honey mustard did not disappoint. For a burger this big, I resorted to knife, fork and fingers within 30 secondsĀ of attempting to fit it in my mouth.

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Tiffany Blue!


Riding out the hottest month of summer in style! It’s been a good year and a half since I used my Tiffany Blue shade. This time I incorporated the sparkly ring finger boldness! I like the end result of an Essie mani, but my problem with it is the lack of ultra creaminess and opaqueness on the first couple of coats. For OPI, Sally Hansen, JulepĀ and a bunch of miscellaneous brands (H&M, Sephora, Revlon, etc.), two coats is no problem. For Essie, I must do 3-4 to get the layers to look even. No complaints about their range of colors though! I wish OPI would foray into the greens and purples more.

-Essie Turquoise and Caicos

-OPI Stranger Tides

-Victoria’s Secret gold sparkles topcoat