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People are going to think I’m ridiculous but I got this craft idea after watching Captain America II. You heard right, NOT Pinterest, haha. My hubby and I have been collecting wine corks for 2.5 yrs now (throwing away some of the lower-end brands and any unmarked corks) with no way of displaying them. They have been sitting in a box collecting dust until I saw a character in that movie tastefully display his collection of wine bottle corks in a large, amber-tinted vase in his living room. I immediately did the same thing to the most beautiful vase we own.



This nice square glass vase came with the Stargazer lilies I ordered for my mom last Christmas. She adored the flowers but gave me back the vase for a future craft–my mom knows me well! I filled it halfway with aquarium glass pebbles in royal blue and plastic diamonds (leftover from wedding planning). Then I topped it off with two delicate origami waterlilies. I leave both these vases on our wide window sill. The stones sparkle when they catch the sunlight and imitate ripples of waves under my paper flowers!


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I am a young professional who cares a great deal about fashion, beauty, food, literature, art--anything and everything that inspires and/or draws an incredible amount of awe from me.

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