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My hump day meal included the following:

-my mom’s dumplings. I could eat these everyday and not get tired of them. To me, dumplings are the ultimate comfort food. There’s also an endless list of ways to cook them. I boiled these for dumpling soup. Filling = pork, scallions, nappa cabbage, shitake mushroom.

-sauce: balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, minced garlic, fresh chives, red chili oil (Lao Gan Ma), sesame oil

-fried rice: generous chunks of cooked ham, 2 eggs, chopped romaine lettuce, sweet onion, pickled jalapeno peppers, black pepper, sea salt, soy sauce, tiny bit of mayo (something new I decided to add!)

To serve with classic flair, do all white, square plating. Chic and fresh!


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I am a young professional who cares a great deal about fashion, beauty, food, literature, art--anything and everything that inspires and/or draws an incredible amount of awe from me.

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