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Dreamy Sweets

As an early birthday treat, the hubby went downtown to the famed Pittsburgh Prantls Bakery and brought back some mini cupcakes. The ones here are white chocolate raspberry and burnt almond torte. Mmmmm…after trying mini cupcakes, I don’t think I could even go back to the regular sized ones with only one type of frosting. In the fridge, two other flavors await me! They went well with the glass of white wine and action movie that we put on, haha–X-Men: Days of Future Past. I had about two sips of the wine in all but aesthetically, it paired well with the cakes.



This, my friends, is the gorgeous chocolate raspberry tart made by my coworker from scratch! No baking required! She used chocolate graham cracker and butter as the crust, heavy whipping cream, pureed raspberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips for the filling. Marvelous and not overly sweet. Desserts with fruit are my favorite kind. I look forward to hosting grand dinner parties at my new home with plenty of entertainment space when I move!


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Halloween Mani


Wanted to do my spin on the old orange and black! I paired a purplish navy with a coral-y peach shimmer shade to lean on the side of feminine rather than scary. The color scheme is definitely still festive but a little more playful. I ran out of nail polish remover so this mani will have to last a while! I have been using these Josie Maran nail wipes (sans acetone) that were a Christmas present so it’s great that they lasted this long! I’ve been missing the cotton ball wet soak of a normal bottle of liquid remover so that will have to be my next beauty purchase.

Navy nail polish from Victoria’s Secret

Hushed Blush from Revlon

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Wedding Weekend Mani


Teal and gold, baby! Today I’m headed to Long Island for my sister in law’s wedding this weekend. Who knew that in a single year the LoDolces will have both their children married off, lol? At least my sister and I have 8 big long years between us ;). I wanted my mani to look both glam and fall-ish. I opted for a dark opaque and metallic. No topcoats or base coats. They just have to stay pretty for this weekend and I’ll be a happy camper! The gold will especially match the shoes I’ll be wearing–my most blinged-out gold wedding pumps!

Teal from Sephora

Gold from Sephora

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Space Age Mani


My mani lasted so long last time that I wasn’t able to change up colors until now! The dark color is a deep plum purple from Julep and the ring finger is awash in a Sally Hansen chrome. I love the satiny smooth finish on it! It is definitely a bright pure silver and a gunmetaly dirty gray. As you can tell, the purple hue was so dark that I only did 1 coat on some of my nails. They are already chipping after 2 days. The two contrasting colors go well with my black/white graphic dress today!

English Breakfast for Dinner!

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I had a lot of fun creating and eating this meal last night! All -American style hearty breakfasts are good and all but I just wanted some Vitamin C packed with my dinner so I though I’d bring in the tomatoes too ;). No frying–just slice a nice beefsteak tomato.

Tomatoes: basil, chives, red pepper flakes, sesame oil drizzle, balsamic vinegar, sea salt

French toast: halved Sara Lee caramel apple Swirl bread dipped in an egg and cinnamon coating

Sausages: pan-fried breakfast pork sausages

Raspberries: because they are my favorite fruit and added a lovely color

Drizzle everything in honey! Finish off with a glass of cold milk or earl grey tea!