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Nom Noms


Mmmm…I just wanted to share a few recent culinary finds from Cleveland and Pittsburgh.



These lovely cupcakes were from a fancy Beachwood Mall stand. There is another cupcakery but this one had more flavors (and a higher price tag). Cindy got the pumpkin cheesecake one with a thin graham cracker crust and I wolfed down the cookies ‘n cream peanut butter storm. We skipped lunch for these.2015/01/img_2251.jpg


It’s always such a treat to shop at the Strip District but rarely is the process of getting there enjoyable. This time we left at 10am on a Sunday to secure free metered parking and less traffic on 376. The result? Ample shopping time at Lotus Foods, the surrounding farmer’s markets and a stop to get my pho fill. I’m the noodle bowl queen so of course I had to get the huge bowl of pho. I just love that it comes with Thai basil, crisp bean spouts, a lime wedge and jalapenos. The meat you see are thin strips of flank steak and the rich color is the excessive amount of Sriracha sauce I used ;). Somehow, I always get bolder with hot sauce at restaurants. This is my type of weekend lunch. The hubby opted for a tall glass of Vietnamese coffee and for someone who doesn’t even like coffee, I found it delicious. There was a taste of rich chicory, plenty of cream and lots of sugar! However, I won’t be going there often because they are a cash-only place.

2015/01/img_2246.jpgA simple Shop N Save visit turned into a smorgasbord purchase. Literally the first item I grabbed was this big English toffee caramel marble cake. It’s definitely yielded some generous servings but it won’t be long before every but of caramel and toffee are licked up!



Author: frithe13th

I am a young professional who cares a great deal about fashion, beauty, food, literature, art--anything and everything that inspires and/or draws an incredible amount of awe from me.

8 thoughts on “Nom Noms

  1. Totally agree with you! I’m from Pittsburgh and I LOVE visiting the Strip District. It’s like a mini vacation for your mouth. They have the best food. What’s your favorite restaurant?

    • Due to Pittsburgh traffic, it IS considered a vacation and a miracle to reach any destination, haha! Your question is super hard! I liked Everyday Noodles (minus the small portions and high prices) and Sun Penang for dim sum. I hope to try the Ramen place sometime as well. What’s your favorite restaurant in the area?

  2. I looooooove Everyday Noodles! So good. I haven’t fried Sun Penang though. It’s now on my to-try list.
    I tried Ramen Bar once and wasn’t very impressed. I was so excited to try it though, so maybe I hyped it up too much in my head.
    There are some really good restaurants downtown. I really like Meat & Potatoes but it is really expensive 😦 Maybe try that one out for a special occasion. Wing harts (in Market Square) is really good too. Probably thefts burgers I’ve ever had. Ohhh and Nola (also in Market Square) has some awesome flatbread pizza.

    • Thanks for all the tips! Yes, NOLA sounds great and I’ve still haven’t been to the Market Square area so it’s on my list! Oh, if you ever pass by the tiny little French bakery in the Strip District, try their macaroons–so good! If it weren’t so dang expensive, I’d come out of there with half the store!

      • Haha you are too sweet! I always get coconut macaroons from Enrico’s. Those are prwtty awrsome also. Ill have to tey the french bakery for sure! Let mw know when you make it down to Matket Square. You won’t regret it!

  3. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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