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  Here I am modeling gazebo #1 on a sunny April day warm enough to finally go outside. There is a gas line in this gazebo so it holds the potential to put a grill here for summer BBQ parties! I can’t wait to spruce up all the outside parts of my house and make it suitable for all sorts of soirees that I will host! Entertaining, here I come!

  As I am typing this post, a hired professional is power-washing our entire deck after a vacancy of three years by the previous owners! It’s like a much-needed bath for all that otherwise beautiful and sturdy Trex deck! The hubby and I will have to learn gardening soon if we don’t want the neighbors to sneer at our lawn!

  And…our pond is open for business! Well, we took off the net for its official “unveiling” but I guess it’s not quite functional just yet. Next steps include pumping out the old water, clearing any debris inside, filling with fresh water, getting some circulation going and testing out the lighting! All fun-sounding tasks that will probably be costly…

  I had a lot of fun just skipping around the perimeter exploring. I found a stone tortoise, a stone turtle and a cute stone bear holding an acorn lamp! Oh, the treasures to be found and adventures to be had in my own backyard this summer!

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Popsicle Mani

These two colors reminded me of slurping Popsicles on a hot summer day. This past weekend was all about being outside and doing yard work so while it wasn’t summer yet, working hard builds up a sweat too and an icy treat sure helps with that! In honor of yard work, I picked these two colors for my mani to show off:

-Essie’s Bikini so Teeny

-Ulta’s Tinsel Town

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Treats Central

Last weekend was filled with treats for me! The hubs and I hung out all around the Strip District of downtown Pitt and got to sample lots of eats, little and big!

  So I basically cannot pass by a restaurant that has the word “pho” on it without pho-ing out inside. This big bowl of pho ga (chicken noodle soup, Vietnamese style) served as the perfect weekend brunch spot. The broth was oh-so flavorful and the veggies were crisp and fresh. I liked this spot but the overall restaurant had a weird smell. Waitstaff was on point.

 Hubs insisted we stop at S&D Polish Deli, now a fave of his. He got an order of the pork pierogis and I sampled one. I call these things European dumplings and in my opinion, they ain’t got nothing on Chinese dumplings, potstickers or Japanese Goyzas. However, their dressing of melted better, sauteed onions and fresh scallions was DIVINE. I think I will have to come back to this place for some Polish sausage and haluski next time!

Below is my proud collection of Asian delicacies, haha. The Korean sac sac drinks are so delightful. They even contain chunks of real fruit inside! The small size is perfect for me! I have never been able to down large doses of any kind of liquid so one can lasts me a whole meal and more! The center bottle is the famed Japanese Ramune! I just love taking out the plunger tool, applying pressure and releasing the marble into my drink! Such an interactive experience! The cream soda taste is bubbly and refreshing!


From Lotus Foods, I bought a whole bag of kumquats! I had to youtube how to eat these properly since the last time I had them was probably as a young child in China! Turns out all you have to do is wash them and pick off the stems! You pop these little suckers and eat them whole, skin and all! In fact, the sweetest part of the kumquat is its skin! I can’t wait to go back to China this year and scope out all the exotic fruits native to Hangzhou!

  These treasures are also from the Polish deli. I chose a variety of eye-catching chocolates and they were awesome! These are definitely considered treats because it was almost like eating money…just that ONE piece of chocolate twig on top was $3.50 and lasted a total of 3 bites. Never again, Strip District. Last but not least, nostalgic candy from Grandpa Jo’s Candy Shop! I have been curiously eyeing them since age 6 or something and now to finally taste them! Tiny little marshmallow ice cream cones that are reminiscent of freeze dried ice cream. Yummy and I would buy again!


April Mani

To combat the gloom of incessant rain, cloud temperatures and cloudiness, I opted for a vibrant, posh pink mani complete with some glitz! I used:

Essie’s Madison Ave-hue and Victoria’s Secret’s Showstopper. I also put on a Diamond Candles ring that wasn’t a size 10. Well…it was a size 7 so it still didn’t fit me but the citron is definitely eye-catching! I usually just get plain boring old white/clear stones so this is great for me. It also looks like it could pass for a lemony topaz, my birthstone!

This month, most of my big girl allowance (from myself, lol) went to purchases on Poshmark. That, and the mortgage, but I won’t talk about that. For most of last year and this year, I had been using this awesome app to sell things from my own closet. It’s rather cathartic to clear clothes, makeup, perfumes, shoes and make sure the things I don’t use anymore go to someone who will give them some lovin’! Lately, I’ve been using it to shop and boy, it’s addicting! The flat shipping fee of $5 is most def a deterrent to buying lower-price items, so the trick is to find multiple items you like from a seller and create a bundle. I have found that people are usually pretty nice about discounts and some are even nice enough to add a beauty sample or two! I know I always add a pair of free earrings, a lipgloss, a lotion sample, eyeshadow, ring, etc. for people that bundle or buy something for over $10. Just in the last 2 weeks, I have been guilty of purchasing from 6 separate sellers, totaling up to $118 with $20 of that going to just shipping. There was thankfully a sale on shipping when a seller lowers the price of their item by at least 10%. That sounds like a lot but I also got a lot! I even secured the perfect floral dress for a summer wedding! I was also in the market for a new toner and I snagged a pre-owned Estee Lauder toner for only $7 that will last me probably 5 months! Anyways, I’m going to try to REALLY restrain myself not to “like” everything on all those girls’ closets, so here’s to hoping I make some sales of my own sometime to catch up with my makeup and fashion addiction ;).



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Happy Mix

This post is a little spring collection of thoughts and happenings. I will start off with this amazing salad that I made on Friday night. I am not a salad girl. Up until last year, I was able to use this as a “never have I ever” card: never have I ever ordered a salad at a restaurant. You can now understand that it is not something I normally eat, make or support, lol. That is not to say I’ve never had an amazing salad! Here is my homage to the popular Asian chicken salad. This has emboldened me–I will be trying out different salads in the future!

-grilled chicken thighs brushed with sesame salad dressing and herbs de provence

-chopped artisan mixed greens

-chopped almonds

-mandarin orange slices

-red onion straws



-olive oil

-balsamic vinegar

-light soy sauce

-Chinese chili sauce

-mandarin orange juice from the can

-basil, black pepper, coarse sea salt

  April 5th is Qingming Festival, which is  tomb-sweeping day in China. It is close to a Chinese Memorial Day. My relatives in China would be sweeping the grave of my grandfather who passed away 3 years ago. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend his funeral in 2012 and I want to take the time to honor him. I have included 2 pictures that mean a lot to me.

   Just yesterday on Easter, I attended the Beauty and the Beast musical at Heinz Hall with my hubby. It was magical and the sets were great! Of course, I needed a pastel outfit to go with the occasion!

-baby blue houndstooth Jackie O style jacket

-dusty pink high heeled booties

-lemon yellow new spring Aldo domed satchel (I’m currently obsessed with domed satchels)

Still waiting for spring weather to come to Pittsburgh though. It was 54 degrees and WINDY this weekend as a high and rained the whole past week. C’mon, let’s break 60 degrees!


Also, I just subscribed to Ispy for a fun beauty box every month! It’s only $10 (includes shipping!) and includes 4-5 beauty samples along with a cute makeup bag every box! If interested, please use the link below to subscribe: