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Last weekend was filled with treats for me! The hubs and I hung out all around the Strip District of downtown Pitt and got to sample lots of eats, little and big!

  So I basically cannot pass by a restaurant that has the word “pho” on it without pho-ing out inside. This big bowl of pho ga (chicken noodle soup, Vietnamese style) served as the perfect weekend brunch spot. The broth was oh-so flavorful and the veggies were crisp and fresh. I liked this spot but the overall restaurant had a weird smell. Waitstaff was on point.

 Hubs insisted we stop at S&D Polish Deli, now a fave of his. He got an order of the pork pierogis and I sampled one. I call these things European dumplings and in my opinion, they ain’t got nothing on Chinese dumplings, potstickers or Japanese Goyzas. However, their dressing of melted better, sauteed onions and fresh scallions was DIVINE. I think I will have to come back to this place for some Polish sausage and haluski next time!

Below is my proud collection of Asian delicacies, haha. The Korean sac sac drinks are so delightful. They even contain chunks of real fruit inside! The small size is perfect for me! I have never been able to down large doses of any kind of liquid so one can lasts me a whole meal and more! The center bottle is the famed Japanese Ramune! I just love taking out the plunger tool, applying pressure and releasing the marble into my drink! Such an interactive experience! The cream soda taste is bubbly and refreshing!


From Lotus Foods, I bought a whole bag of kumquats! I had to youtube how to eat these properly since the last time I had them was probably as a young child in China! Turns out all you have to do is wash them and pick off the stems! You pop these little suckers and eat them whole, skin and all! In fact, the sweetest part of the kumquat is its skin! I can’t wait to go back to China this year and scope out all the exotic fruits native to Hangzhou!

  These treasures are also from the Polish deli. I chose a variety of eye-catching chocolates and they were awesome! These are definitely considered treats because it was almost like eating money…just that ONE piece of chocolate twig on top was $3.50 and lasted a total of 3 bites. Never again, Strip District. Last but not least, nostalgic candy from Grandpa Jo’s Candy Shop! I have been curiously eyeing them since age 6 or something and now to finally taste them! Tiny little marshmallow ice cream cones that are reminiscent of freeze dried ice cream. Yummy and I would buy again!

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