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China Trip 2015 – Hotel


  My new October mani! This velvety ORLY shade–Acceptance Speech–goes on smooth as a dream and has amazing staying power. Two coats will do it and still no chips after 6 days. Winner! The ring finger is coated with a pretty lilac gray from Essence.
  Here is the first in my China Trip series of posts! This is the hotel edition because I stayed at gorgeous hotels on this trip all thanks to my amazing cousin. We got to stay here for a night at her local branch in Hangzhou–the Doubletree, which is 4 stars here. Just look at this delightful fountain welcoming you!  Room is the biggest I’ve ever stayed in and complete with this plush chaise lounge.
  I LOVE that all the Hiltons in China had this luggage area in the corridor of each room. It’s dead useful and removes clutter from the main room.  What a grand lobby!
  This is courtesy of the Angsana Hotel in Xi’an. Honeymoon 3.0! These are real, fresh rose petals, baby!  Of course we had a rose petal bath with scented oils. Duh.
  The Angsana hotel belongs to the Banyan Tree hotel parent and I can definitely see the similarities! What privacy and beautiful view!  We had a balcony that opened to the courtyard here and instantly, the smell of all the blooming osmanthus trees wafted in.
    The staff did this even on our second night!
   Best pool I’ve ever been in. This was merely the indoor area. There was another entire outdoor area connected by the pool. The center is the hot tub. *Melts*

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2 thoughts on “China Trip 2015 – Hotel

  1. How beautiful 🙂 I have to visit some time

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