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Spring Decor

I made a shadowbox craft! I used thick craft paper from Target as a patterned background and glued some shells way back from an Atlantic City trip! These origami swans are actually folded by the hubs because I do cranes. I made him fold a whole batch while I folded cranes in all different paper for centerpiece decoration at our wedding. I also included a recent wedding anniversary gift from my sister. They are keychains that say: “moon of my life” and “my sun and my stars.” Being the big Game of Thrones fans we are, it was a perfect gift! It’s pretty romantic to be addressed like Daenerys ;). 

Okay, I am flipping out over my new shoes. They came extremely fast from China and they actually fit! I am rocking these Lolita heels at the office today like a fashion winner. I have on an airy white lace dress with the skirt part made of a floral patterned chiffon. So spring, you guys.

Oh, and here’s my mother’s day present from Pangur Ban. She done brought me a snake, y’all. No joke. Here is the wriggly, live proof. Funny thing is that she brought me a snake 2 days before and I had specifically told her not to do it again. Kids these days!

This is from the first time she brought over a snake. Take a close look because these 2 snakes are different! I screamed bloody murder and was legit about to faint. My husband picked it up casually and tossed it down our hill but I’m inclined to think that it’s definitely made its way back by now…

What he needs to do is take it with him to the airport when he leaves every week. I’m sure movie fans will love it–snakes on a plane, am I right?


Mani & Pedi! 

My bestie visiting from Columbus stayed with me this past weekend and we packed it with activities! We woke up at the butt crack of dawn (phrase she loves to use) on a Saturday to adhere Megan’s Loft’s hours. I went for a feminine spring lady look. The pink color is Suzie Pedal Faster and the accent nail is this soft purple with a metallic sheen that I forgot the name of. I asked for square shaped nails but I’m afraid she cut them too short :(.

Behold! My magnificently hued little toes! My first pedicure at a salon was quite nice. This is a new OPI color in a gorgeous shimmery periwinkle. The hot bubbly water, scrub and massage chair was definitely pampering! I can see how addicting it all is! This is perfect timing too because I’m counting on these colors lasting me ’til I hit the beach in San Diego!

Leanna and I chatted candidly…maybe a little too candidly in front of our nail tech ladies. We got more than few raised eyebrows and laughs. But hey, what’s spoken at salons never leave salons so I shall say no more. This also just naturally happens between besties who know each other too well. It has been a year since I last saw my girl, so we were throwing entirely too much shade and gossip!

Right after our nail appointment, we left for my coworker’s baby shower/belated wedding reception. Interesting combo, right? It was at a gorgeously upscale winery and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. These white chocolate party favors were the best! SO CUTE.

Look at that shimmery pink frosting! Hey hey! The topper is a plastic ring that fit on my middle finger perfectly :). My Mimiboo has claimed this as her new favorite toy already.

What a pretty ethnic rainbow we make!

And here is Mimiboo sleeping like a zombie. Her cuteness is just off the charts cray. 

This is the hand cream I currently use at my desk at work. I’m obsessed with it. It’s Tonymoly’s banana hand milk in a squeezable tube that smells like banana candy! It’s pleasant but I would say the smell goes away too quickly. I reapply often so it’s depleting at a pretty fast pace. I call it my nanner.

Hey hey, I got new kicks! Ordered these from China and they are just like the picture! Who doesn’t love a pair of platform oxfords?! They are a size 4.5 though so my feet are shuffling around in them :(. TOO BIG. Even in China, I am Thumbalina-sized.

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Floral Pumps, My New Darlings!


I got these in the mail today after waiting for a whole month and just can’t take my eyes off them! They are my perfect pair of posh spring pumps! I had been searching for the right floral print for ages and settled on these beauties.
I really dig how the pattern isn’t symmetrical and how each shoe is just a bit different from each other. They are so pleasing to look at with their multi colored petal print and black 3-inch stiletto!


Space Shoes!


I have the duo set of these awesome pumps! This hologram collection is the bee’s knees! Love the opalescence and the chic black interior. What I love most about this collection is that the 5.5 size fits more like a 5. Thank you, Forever 21, you understand the cruel predicament of us tiny-footed gals!

I rarely ever go shopping during the weekend because the mall is on my way to and from work. But I got to use my Wrapp app passes and indulge in my monthly Godiva truffle :). SO glad I’m moving away from the desolate wasteland of Wisconsin! Here’s hoping an early spring will come so I can give these new shiny kicks a try!

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Suede + Studs


Thought it was time to upgrade from my little girl Mary Jane style black pumps! I think these black suede pumps with gold studs did the trick ;). I compromised by going with slightly almond-shaped toe instead of my current pointy-toed obsession. The end result makes for a less severe pair of black heels–still basic enough for the office, I’d say!

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Furry Boots!


I had to throw out my 5-yr old pair of pink fuzzy snow boots after the zipper broke so this new pair is my handsome replacement :).

Online, they came in bright red (black fur), tan (cream fur), black (brown fur) but this sandy beige shade is definitely the chicest and eyecatching in my opinion. The slight wedge heel is perfect for shorties! It even came with these belt decorations to wrap around the fur part. I could take them off and lengthen the boots to their full height as well so I love the versatility. Not sure if these will also be able to last 5 years, but I can at least be hip-looking this winter ;).

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Suede Booties


Time for a shoe post! These pretty little high heeled booties are not new but since Madison has officially entered winter phase, I am busting out a whole other set of footwear!

I love the height, the deep brown color, the cute laces, the velvety material…but curse my tiny feet! I wish I fit them better and I can NEVER control myself when I see shoes I absolutely love. I’m actually trying to sell these babies much to my sadness in preparation for my eventual move out of this city. The Poshmark app on the iPhone is super amazing and beneficial! I just successfully sold another pair of cute suede, high-heeled slip on clogs on that app that were 2 sizes too big for me. At the time of purchase, I convinced myself that I just needed a pair of thick socks to rock these shoes, but they still never quite fit :(. Hence, most of my shoes are in like-new condition and all too big for me.

Please check out my closet and help me get rid of some of my fashion finds!


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Mary Jane Pumps


I bought these at Dots way back in 2002. They are versatile and girly even in black. Lately it has become harder to walk in them for extended periods because they somehow pinch my fourth little toe on the right. I’ve also fallen out of love with rounded-toe shoes so they don’t bring me the usual amount of joy now :(. Pointy-toed shoes lengthen you legs and polish up a look effortlessly. A brighter color can be intimidating when it draws to a point but a pastel or neutral tone can certainly sophisticate a whole outfit.


Open-Toed Stilettos


This is my sole pair of open-toed heels. I bought them last year at a time where I made no differentiation between closed-toed v. open-toed heels. Now I exclusively shop for closed-toed stilettos simply because they are fit for any occasion, more formal, more environment/bad weather friendly. I got this pair at Charming Charlie’s in West Towne Mall and had to slip some heel grips as well as sole cushions to make them as snug as they can be on me for being a 5.5. I love the pattern and earthy tones. I also liked the price ($5 ;)).

I didn’t get a chance to really showcase them last year but I did bust them out for a wedding in Cleveland this summer, so it’s all been worth it!