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Matte Mani

This picture makes the gold look all shiny but it is not. This OPI Gwen Stefani holiday edition gold is a refreshingly pale with a smooth matte finish. It dries so quickly and just looks super chic. The alternating lilac color is from Trust Fund Beauty. Their brushes are wide and full and provide great coverage. The gold chips pretty quickly but this purple lasts a while.

I am going gaga over all the flowers blooming around my house. They are really taking their time this year! This time last year, I had every color of day lilies and hydrangeas. My favorite of the bunch always bloom first and this time I managed to capture the rare beauty! Look at that rich, lush violet color with a bold prick of complementary yellow. Gorgeous! These do well right in my pond so I don’t have to water them! My water lilies have bloomed this year too but for some reason they close up at night and I can never get a picture. Sneaky things…

My Mimiboo makes her appearance! She is 1 year old now and coming up on our adoption anniversary (June 28th). I know this date so well yet I question when I got my marriage license all the time. Seriously–like August 13th? 16th? My husband knows this date.

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High Tea & Mani

WordPress mobile version is giving me lots of hangups. I can’t upload more than 3 pics without it bricking on me. And the order I upload them apparently doesn’t matter ‘cuz WordPress app will do what it wants like a honey badger.   I guess I’ll start with this out of order picture! It’s my amazing high tea platter that I served this past Saturday for a good work friend. Complete menu details below! I got to use my fine china and the new serving patter my aunt gave me for Christmas. Domesticity score! Everything was finished at a record speed so I’m pretty sure it tasted good as well.
  I am so excited about my Monday mani. I used the nail wraps from my Target Beauty Box and they are out of this world gorgeous. They are a blue and green floral pattern on a pearl background with a metallic sheen. It is real nail polish with a top coat so you had to seal it in a airtight baggie if you can’t finish all 10 strips. The sizing is still not perfect since my nails and fingers apparently aren’t standard size/shape like everything else about my body :(. I joke with my bestie about moving to the land of the pygmies because I’m too small for this world…

Anyways…I had to trim and file the excess away but I think they mostly work pretty well. One strip covers 2 of my fingers! I also like that the floral pattern varies throughout each strip. The rest of my nails are done up with 3 coats of Essie’s To Buy or Not to Buy. Obviously, I bought it, lol. I find that Essie’s pastel colors need 3 coats in order to achieve the same opacity level as Orly’s or OPI’s one coat. I wish the price would reflect that too but alas. The packaging says these wraps will last for 14 days. I’m skeptical so we’ll see!   My new favorite teapot. And yes, I have multiple teapots in various sizes and density. This one pours the best and serves the most number of people at once. Don’t laugh at my awesome memo pad. It says: Shoe love is True love. Yes indeed. I just need to find the perfect pair of heels that fit me! I’m convinced that I’m the modern day Cinderella and I’m still waiting for some dude to bring me a pair of size 3.5 glass slippers.
  Model Pangur ban posing with silk orchids. Look at that lush tail! I’m so in love with my kitty.   Check out that treble clef chocolate piece! From a Chinese bakery in Philly’s Chinatown. Prices were AMAZING; nothing like Pittsburgh’s overpriced and substandard Moio’s :(. This one was mocha creme. Light, creamy, subtle and good in ma mouth.
 Bun cha grilled pork varieties in Chinatown. This $20 meal was so much better than the $80 meal we had at an Italian restaurant the night before.

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Happy Mix

This post is a little spring collection of thoughts and happenings. I will start off with this amazing salad that I made on Friday night. I am not a salad girl. Up until last year, I was able to use this as a “never have I ever” card: never have I ever ordered a salad at a restaurant. You can now understand that it is not something I normally eat, make or support, lol. That is not to say I’ve never had an amazing salad! Here is my homage to the popular Asian chicken salad. This has emboldened me–I will be trying out different salads in the future!

-grilled chicken thighs brushed with sesame salad dressing and herbs de provence

-chopped artisan mixed greens

-chopped almonds

-mandarin orange slices

-red onion straws



-olive oil

-balsamic vinegar

-light soy sauce

-Chinese chili sauce

-mandarin orange juice from the can

-basil, black pepper, coarse sea salt

  April 5th is Qingming Festival, which is  tomb-sweeping day in China. It is close to a Chinese Memorial Day. My relatives in China would be sweeping the grave of my grandfather who passed away 3 years ago. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend his funeral in 2012 and I want to take the time to honor him. I have included 2 pictures that mean a lot to me.

   Just yesterday on Easter, I attended the Beauty and the Beast musical at Heinz Hall with my hubby. It was magical and the sets were great! Of course, I needed a pastel outfit to go with the occasion!

-baby blue houndstooth Jackie O style jacket

-dusty pink high heeled booties

-lemon yellow new spring Aldo domed satchel (I’m currently obsessed with domed satchels)

Still waiting for spring weather to come to Pittsburgh though. It was 54 degrees and WINDY this weekend as a high and rained the whole past week. C’mon, let’s break 60 degrees!


Also, I just subscribed to Ispy for a fun beauty box every month! It’s only $10 (includes shipping!) and includes 4-5 beauty samples along with a cute makeup bag every box! If interested, please use the link below to subscribe:



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Estée Lauder Mani


Normally I really would not spend over $15 for a bottle of nail polish, so I still would never recommend Estee Lauder nail polishes over ESSIE, OPI or any other brand. But because I’m going through an obsessive beauty junkie phase of my life these past couple of months, I’ve been plunking down serious moolah over name brand beauty products like it’s my job. I rationalized my $68 Estee Lauder purchase since it’s a gift for my lovely cousin in China who is bananas over its Advanced Night Repair line. The plus is that I got to keep the Nordstrom free 6-piece set for myself! In that cute little spring set, there was a nail polish (perfect for me! Usually, the samples are always mascara…ugh…I have like 10 brand-name mascaras that I won’t ever use up. Give me something else, please!)

The packaging is a square little bottle with a shiny gold handle. Love! The color itself is bold and beautiful. I would describe it as a rich plum red with fuchsia glitter. One coat almost seemed like enough but I had to slather on two just to get my signature opacity level. It’s called Smash and it’s appropriate because it’s such a smash of pure, attention-grabbing color! For Pittsburgh murky weather, it’s just the touch of zing I need in this 60-degree weather cloudy days!