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Let Me Eat Cake!

Homemade chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and raspberries! Not great-looking by a long shot but it was a fun treat to eat just between hubby and me!

The famed Hummingbird cake from Giant Eagle I bought for the surprise birthday party! It had a cream cheese frosting with pineapple, walnuts, toasted coconut and dusted with a delicate sprinkle of cinnamon. This was a big hit!

I steamed these blue shell Maryland crabs from our seafood market in the Strip and mmmmm, this brought me so much nostalgia from when my parents used to buy live ones and steam them. Yuuuuummmm! I did a good job with the steaming and making my own sauce. Looking forward to when I buy these the next time!

Influenster sent me the new bareMinerals bounce & blur blush and palette. The texture really is bouncy! The eyeshadow shade at the end was like jelly! It’s still powder but has absolutely no fallout and high pigmentation. I’ve never used bareMinerals eyeshadow and blush before and now I see why they are popular! The packaging is also sleek and stunning buuuut attracted to fingerprints, unfortunately.

My Pangur Ban is growing up and becoming less social these days. She used to mingle with our guests like they were her friends but nowadays, she will wander aimlessly outside until everyone leaves…

Yep, that’s right. It’s yet another birthday cake! We celebrated Daphne’s 2nd birthday on the day of on Long Island with my husband’s parents. It’s their tradition to get a little ice cream cake on birthdays. It still doesn’t quite compare to a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, but this one was cute in its own way. Perhaps due to the candle being lit and not being allowed to touch it, Daphne showed no interest in her own cake and refused even a bite!

Chinese shrimp chips! They are magical and colorful! Before pic.

After pic! Sticks to your tongue! Fluffy and crunchy! This was another one of my childhood nostalgia treats!


Gorgeous flowers from Frick and Highland park!

Cabin in the woods themed escape room success! Date night on Long Island!

Biddyboo in her birthday qipao fabulousness.

Baby’s first ocean trip! She was scared of the water at first but then was hooked at touching the waves and didn’t want to leave.

That’s a happy Daphne!

We also went to the Sunken Forest on Fire Island! We took a ferry ride and had a BLAST. Look at that nicely maintained boardwalk!

Fire Island also had its own beach and we briefly checked it out. Clean and not too crowded!

Four giant bucks not 20ft from us! Majestic and felt amazing.


Summer Picks

I’ll gladly caption this picture! My work teamed up with this local cupcakery called StudeCakers and had them come during a lunchtime to sell their gorgeous creations! Part of the proceeds even went to the AHA – American Heart Association Pittsburgh local chapter!

First row = samoa, maple bacon pancake with YES, that is a mini pipette of syrup and strawberry milkshake with mini straw and malted ball

Second row = cookies ‘n cream with a truffled Oreo ball inside, duplicate of that maple bacon and a chocolate chip cookie dough

For this amazing presentation, these gems were $2 each, which is slightly lower than less fancy cupcakes at local bakeries!

I won another Pinchme beauty giveaway! This collab featured this ultra chic beauty company called Poppy & Pout and includes the following:

-3 full size body scrubs

-3 full size citrusy lip balms

The packaging had no plastic in it so I unfortunately pushed too enthusiastically at my lip balm and now it’s stuck at that height. There’s no way to push it back down so…just gotta use this sucker as is! That Lime Rush flavor is so refreshing and summery! Just wish the smell would linger longer! Feels great and isn’t waxy at all on your lips. I highly recommend you check Poppy & Pout out!

This is the current shower gel I’m using and boy, does bath time feel like a treat! I got this from Memebox last year and am still not over the fact they don’t sell any of their amazing beauty boxes anymore or have a loyalty points system. I was their biggest fan. Anyways, here’s my take on this Happy Bath grapefruit sparkling ale body wash:


smells like bubbly wine + real grapefruit! Nothing artificial

packaging is just too cute; like a pint of beer

lathers well

smell actually lingers on you after you dry off!



hard to use on loofah

too runny and comes out really quickly

half the bottle is just foam and the actual product is very little


Uhhhh, this is just the fanciest, tastiest drink I’ve ever had. This bottle is so dangass tiny though. It tastes like a sparkling, slightly tart lemonade with a fragrant rose smell! Packaging, color, taste, just all awesome! It was like $3 at Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. For special occasions only, lol.

Y’all gotta check out Little Poppy Co. It’s a monthly subscription for bows and headbands and the designs are just too cute! Here is August’s! Can’t wait for my biddyboo to have longer, nicer hair to be able to flaunt some of these!

Today is this little angeldoll’s FIRST birthday! To think, this exact time last year, I was a bulbous mess going into the OR for my spinal block…oh glob, I’m so glad that’s over because LOOK WHAT I MADE! She is my joy!


Birthday Mani! 

 It’s my birthday today! And I celebrated by doing a special feel-good mani last night! I just used about 3 coats of H&M’s Candy Crush on all my fingers. Yes, 3 coats b/c this stuff was pretty sheer. I wanted that opaque crazy glittery pinky look so here it is! The ring finger at one point had a beautifully delicate metallic-lined balloon nail sticker but it didn’t even make it through the night. Note–those stickers are bad news bears for a chunky, glittery base. Top coat necessary! I, of course, always skip a top coat and base coat because I’m more excited to change out my mani on a regular basis. Why else would I own 40 bottles of nail polish? To constantly change it up!
  This was my recipe experiment from last weekend. I bought all these ingredients from the Chinese grocery store downtown and embarked on my very own curry! I used coconut milk as my base, spiced the heck out of it and added whatever seemed to be delightful to me–fresh tofu, Chinese broccoli, leftover roast duck, water chestnuts. The first night I served it over white rice. The second night, I made a slightly different batch and served over linguine.

I was inspired to make my own spicy coconut milk curry dish from two restaurants–Noodlehead and Silk Elephant. I didn’t use a recipe, I just made my own and used whatever memory of those dishes I had ;). 
 Pangur kitty makes it into my blog again! What a little star!

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September Mani

  This was my mani to hopefully keep through all of my 3-week China trip. It lasted a week before chipping all over the place, but at least it was pretty to look for a bit. This pinky, playful theme is brought to you by e.l.f. nail polish and H&M polish. Love the micro glitter and the subtle hint of pink it has.
  The weekend before our massive getaway was also my hub’s birthday weekend. His generous company gave him $100 to spend so we used it on yummy meals and admission tickets! Here you see my impressive beef negimaki on a plate of lightly sauteed vegetables. Major yum factor but also major price. We chose Yamato last minute and it will definitely be the last time. Location is far out in Monroeville, prices are way too high and they offered NOTHING on the day of your birthday. Boo…

  Our Saturday pre-birthday meal at Spice Island was much better. Look at that freshness and thick peanut buttery goodness! Anything on a stick intrigues me so this was a win. The hot sauce was house made and the rice was in a certain, which I really like. Prices were reasonable and there was even a small discount for paying with cash. That’s the way it’s done! Credit cards accepted but you get a small reward if you opt for cash. Well done, Spice Island.
  I finally made it to Phipps Conservatory! It’s quite a drive from where I live but I don’t anticipate coming back here in a while. Of course I chose the hottest, most humid day to make it out here. I was wiping off sweat and shading my eyes the whole time. It’s the biggest botanical place I’ve been to and I definitely enjoyed the themed rooms. There was even some sort of farmer’s festival on the grounds so we got to enjoy that as well. I bought a mint plant that we nursed for a few days before dying a horrible death due to no rains for 20+ days. Goodness, Pittsburgh, get your weather right.   Standing next to a Chihuly display.
  Big, creamy orchids!  Giant Amazon lily pads! Apparently one of these can hold up a 10-yr old child!

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Party Nails!


It’s wedding time again! This time I’ll be traveling to Bedford, NH for John’s cousin’s wedding. As far as timing goes, I’ll be celebrating my birthday by going to someone’s wedding, lol. Therefore, this is a party mani, since it includes both my birthday and a wedding. I was going to a confetti lite look without it coming out like raucous sprinkles.

-Sally Hansen white

-H&M sheer pink glitter wash


Birthday Fun 2013

I turned 26 on November 13th! I already feel like I’m a functioning, logical adult so my older age confirms this. But whatever age you turn, getting pampered never gets old 🙂



Exhibit A: my coworker at the office bought me a huge chocolate cake complete with candles, matches and even a sweet card! So wonderful!


A Madison-chain bar/restaurant celebrates my birthday with a free mug, birthday cocktail, burger, bracelet and sundae. Boy, do I feel special.


The hubby took me out to a hip Asian Ramen & Dumpling bar downtown that I’ve wanted to go to since Valentine’s Day. We pigged out with these succulent pork belly mantou buns for the appetizer and sipped the warmed sake. I have to say that for me, sake > wine. I attribute that to the natural Asian-ness in my genes but the taste and aftertaste of sake is just so much smoother and pleasant than any type of wine.


Main course time! These huge bowls of ramen were da bomb. I got the tonkotsu flavor–rich pork broth with fresh ramen noodles topped with flavor infused egg, braised pork, marinated bamboo shoots, nori and a generous sprinkling of scallions. Warmed me right up during this 30-degree weather day…

I was so shocked when I came to the US to learn that ramen noodles were considered a poor college kid’s dinner. It is totally not so. That rich broth itself takes like 2 days to perfect, if you’re serious about it. In China, poaching an egg in a bowl of noodles is no big deal; I thought it was pretty standard. I guess that’s why all my college roommates were so impressed by my “real” instant noodle meals. I chopped vegetables, sauteed meats, sprinkled scallions and poached an egg into every bowl of instant noodles from the Asian grocery store. Why skimp on the good stuff?


Birthday dessert = heaven. Mango mochi ice cream atop drizzled chocolate sauce. Oh, my!

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Birthday Meal for Hubby


I know, I’m kind of an awesome girlfriend–went all out to create John’s favorite meal for his birthday.

Ingredients: thick Asian glass noodles, sautéed shrimp, chopped broccoli, bamboo shoots, scallions, garlic, snow peas and fresh lime.
Sauce: peanut butter, chili powder, soy sauce, grape seed oil, sesame oil, garlic salt

Signature cocktail: iced tea, Midori, lychee syrup garnished with a lychee and lime slice. Tropical bliss!


Oh yeah, and I got him handcrafted cupcakes from a local European bakery. That is a pecan carrot cake and cappuccino flavor 🙂