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English Breakfast for Dinner!

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I had a lot of fun creating and eating this meal last night! All -American style hearty breakfasts are good and all but I just wanted some Vitamin C packed with my dinner so I though I’d bring in the tomatoes too ;). No frying–just slice a nice beefsteak tomato.

Tomatoes: basil, chives, red pepper flakes, sesame oil drizzle, balsamic vinegar, sea salt

French toast: halved Sara Lee caramel apple Swirl bread dipped in an egg and cinnamon coating

Sausages: pan-fried breakfast pork sausages

Raspberries: because they are my favorite fruit and added a lovely color

Drizzle everything in honey! Finish off with a glass of cold milk or earl grey tea!

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Peach Brioche


I love breakfast for dinner. I love all diners–chains, specialties, mom ‘n pops, 24/7, you name it. When you sign up on Ihop’s website, they even give you a free entree on your birthday month! So while John happily ate his rooty tooty fresh and fruity, I dug into my peaches and cream brioche pancake! Heaven! Fluffy, fruity, glazed with condensed milk mmmm…TGIF indeed. One of the best Fridays I’ve had in a while :).