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Asian Place Settings


I had to admire my dinner setup just before chowing down! Contents include:

-2 deep bowls of hot, cloudy miso soup (miso paste, scallions, sesame oil, water, red chili oil, seaweed strips)

-2 ceramic dipping bowls with delicious sauceĀ in preparation for the steamed dumplings

-2 pairs of sakura blossom wooden chopsticks

-2 blue patterned porcelain chopstick holders

My Love of Potstickers

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Fried potstickers are a go-to comfort food for me. None of that mac ‘n cheese or grilled cheese as “home-cooking” for me! Madison only has 2 pseudo Asian grocery stores so I don’t have many options when it comes to craving Chinese delicacies. They do, however carry frozen bags of dumplings with a variety of fillings so that’s enough to satisfy me. I like to fry them up on a non-stick pan and then present them in an artsy way. I have been told that my dipping sauce is amazing and I’m very particular about it. I tend to judge lots of Chinese restaurants based on how their house chili sauce is. If a server hands me a bottle of Sriracha sauce, you’re probably at Noodles & Company.

Sauce ingredients: soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, chili oil and flakes, grape seed oil, sesame oil, scallions/chives, minced garlic