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2018 Wrap Up

2018 was a year of firsts with a focus on family. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the last two months of the year!

Daphne is playing on the toddler workbench at my parent’s house. It’s a bit big for her but she seems so happy on it! I live for her bright smiles!

Those tiny Nikes were a gift from my parents and they couldn’t have impressed Daphne more. She will actually bring them to me to put on her in the house. That’s how much she likes them!

Our first leg of our New England Christmas tour was in Woodstock, VT. We stopped one night to visit my hubby’s best friend and his family. Here we are in their town’s famous inn!

This was the cleanest, most modern rest stop I’ve ever been to! And by my Midwestern standards, this is quite high! The bathrooms were spacious, spotless and had tasteful recessed lighting! The walls were decked out in timelines and facts about New York state. The sitting and lounging areas were well decorated and so comfy. It’s hard to say exactly but I think we were close to Saratoga.

Our main part of the trip was spent in New Market, NH at my husband’s sister’s place. She did a good job hosting Christmas for her parents AND us for multiple days.

Daphne was obsessed with the miniature rocking chair in their nursery. Look at her sittin’ there like a little person!

Last year at her first Christmas, Daphne was only 4 months so she wasn’t conscious of gifts yet. This year though…she got into opening her gifts! Christmas eve was spent at their aunt’s house an hour away with over 20 people. We didn’t come back until almost 1am and Daphne kept pace with all the adults because of her massive baby FOMO, lol. Her second cousin went to bed at 7pm!

John got a fun plushie for Christmas–everyone knows of our love of Adventure Time! Here’s Finn in all his wiggly glory!

Matching cousins! Daphne meets Timarie!

I am officially an aunt now!

Another stop on our journey was to Destiny USA, America’s 6th largest mall in Syracuse, NY! This place gave Daphne the chance to run unchecked everywhere and stretch her poor little legs until she has to go back to her car seat prison!

The mall used to be called Carousel Mall, in honor of this historical carousel!

Yes, we were so ambitious we even made it to Niagara Falls on our way back! Here we are at the Horseshoe Falls on the American side.

The Pittsburgh Zoo did a free week for the end of the year and we took advantage of that to give Daphne her first zoo and aquarium experience! She pointed to all the big cats and acknowledged them like they were Pangur Ban, hahaha!

That’s a blue lobster at the PPG aquarium! Super cool!

We ended that day with delicious Taiwanese eats at Taiwanese Bistro Cafe 33 in Squirrel Hill!

What a year! Happy new year and here’s to many more adventures in 2019!

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End of Year 2016 Wrap Up

2016 was a big year. So much happened in the world and also in my own life. From my own experiences, I can say I had a pretty good year and there is much to be thankful for and proud of.

This is the most recent picture on my phone! Last weekend, I made a fun trip to my local St. Vincent’s thrift shop and it became candle-themed very quickly. I bought close to 40 votive and tealight candles, 3 candle holders, 2 napkin holders and an old pot for my candle-making tool! I made the mistake of previously using my super nice, Teflon-coated, non-stick pot before; I have learned my lesson, you guys.

The wick is twain coated with a thin layer of wax and tied to a metal nut. I melted down the remains of a Prize Candle, Yankee votive, BBWorks votive, 3 tealights and another previously melted down candle. It yielded 5.3oz. Not bad, y’all! I wish I could say it smelled good but it smells bizarre. The Prize Candle was a clean, fresh spring flowers scent but the other waxes was a mix of winter spice or vanilla (which I absolutely DESPISE the smell) so it’s a rather weird concoction! Pouring and grasping the hot hot candle holders is the most difficult part. I got smarter this time and used one of those strong office binder clips but my technique could use some work. Good thing I burn a bajillion candles every year so I can get lots of practice :).

I am packing for Christmas and this time, it’s totally appropriate that Pangur Ban is preparing too–I am bringing her to my parents’ house! I will have a whole lovely week at home and my babycat gets to enjoy it with me! I hope she becomes best friends with Muffy while she’s there. There’s a whole cycle of hating each other, turning into tolerating each other and then when they are about to separate, become friends with each other. #travelcat

How adorable is she?! Look in awe at her lovely, shiny, long gray hair! Look at that luscious, full tail!

My wrapping job might not be the best, but my coordination skills definitely are! Even the random winter bag I chose has a matching snowman! What are the odds?! So excited to give these out to my friends and family.

My current mani is 2 coats of Formula X in a deep watermelon and an alternating topcoat of VS gold glitter. I’m modeling the most recent book I finished called Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It’s a quick and interesting read but lacking facts and real conviction because it’s completely fiction. I wish the author would have wrote about a real Nigerian refugee’s experience in England instead of making it up. I thrive to educate myself when I read for pleasure and the author’s level of research was so half-assed that it’s a bit disconcerting.


New Year’s Mani

Happy 2016, everyone! Here’s a fun post detailing my escapades during the 2015 holiday season.

  Spent New Year’s Eve and Day in Washington D.C. and it was awesome. I fulfilled so many dreams–like my gem hall dream! I took an advanced gemstone class (aka Rocks for Jocks) during college and it changed me life. If I didn’t shy away from the extra physical science requirements like umm… physics, I would have changed majors and sought out all the geology and gemstone careers! So I did it! I saw the Hope Diamond in the flesh.

And yes, I did also fulfill my panda dreams! Here is the ADORABLE Bao Bao from the DC zoo! It’s wonderful that all Smithsonian museums are free; and even on New Year’s Day!   And this is my girly girl New Year’s mani! It’s Essie’s muchi, muchi, which is the cutest, pinkest pink I could have asked for. Then I halved my ring finger with OPI’s matte gold and finished off with a festive metallic nail sticker! It’s been a week and I have 2 small chips so I would call it a winner. However, I did have to slather on 3 coats of the pink to get it to be the exact opacity I was looking for.
  I hosted Christmas this year so I wanted this photographic evidence displaying my fine China set for service of 10. The brown sugar glazed ham and 10 other dishes are missing from this picture but you get the gist of the my efforts–damask table runner and whatnot ;).  No blog post is complete without my Mimiboo. She was the star of the holidays with all of my relatives fawning over her cuteness. She is the most sociable cat I’ve ever met and the most likable! Three cheers for Pangur Ban!

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N’awlins Adventure!

It’s somewhat of our family’s tradition now to spend Christmas in a much hotter vacation spot than where we live! This Christmas, we opted for New Orleans! Our roadtrip took 2 days across 5 states and absolutely NO TOLLS! Take that, PA roads! With gas rolling in at $1.99 in the southern states, our transportation cost for 4 people was quite reasonable!

I enjoyed the trip and the food, but mainly, I was underwhelmed by N’awlins. The parts right outside the French Quarter were completely run-down and abandoned-looking. True, I saw plenty of other tourists but where they were going when every single shop, museum and attraction was closed, I have no idea! A better time to come here would definitely be Mardi Gras, haha!


Jackson Square at sunset on first day there. Beautiful view of where the action was!



Now, this is the most memorable part of New Orleans to me. The first thing I bought after arriving at the French Quarter was to purchase a generous helping of beignets at Cafe Beignet. That night after a classic and hearty cajun dinner, I made sure to order bananas foster caramel beignet fries smothered in a light chocolate sauce. Oh my jibbers, that was heavenly. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/b30/56563797/files/2015/01/img_2154.jpg


St. Louis cemetery at Marie Laveau’s tomb. It’s unmarked but otherwise marked by all sorts of X’s. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/b30/56563797/files/2015/01/img_2197.jpg


Everything was closed on Christmas day so we traipsed to City Park, which was amazing. Spanish moss trees, swamps, cranes, swans–it was filled with all the good Bayou-type flora and fauna! Later that night, we went there again to attend the biggest holiday lights festival in the country! Celebration in the Oaks spanned across the botanical gardens, Storyland and more park grounds!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/b30/56563797/files/2015/01/img_2217.jpg


Getting to my favorite destination of the trip…gator catching time! This spot was an hour outside New Orleans, but the trip was well worth it because we got to learn a lot about these swamp chickens! This picture features the gator catchin’ pool. Exciting and exotic; I wasn’t scared at all!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/b30/56563797/files/2015/01/img_2228.jpgWillie Mae’s Scotch House–never have I waited this long with fried chicken. Travel Channel, Food Network and celebrity testimonials made me do it! The chicken was crispy, hot and very well seasoned. I loved it. The corn muffins were buttery, sweet and slightly crispy on the outside. 10/10 would try again :).



Adult gators in their shallow pools. We fed them marshmallows!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/b30/56563797/files/2015/01/img_2171.jpgI fell in love with these strange palm trees!