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Halloween Fashion


As far as commercial holidays go, I do really enjoy Halloween. I am attracted to all the redhead costumes ever because they just happen to be the best dressed and sexiest. Since I definitely don’t have the build for Jessica Rabbit, I settled on Poison Ivy, my favorite Batman villain. I’m not quite a fan of the ’80s and ’90s animated Poison Ivy but the New Adventures of Batman cartoon series perfected her look. The animation improved tenfold and all the characters were given a darker color scheme and simpler silhouettes. The upside of choosing a costume first is that John gets to match me :). He went all out at our local Goodwill and pieced together a killer Riddler look.

My Halloween costume elements:

-Kelly green satin corset with black velvet ivy-like print that clips together in the front

-Black stretch opera gloves (so frustrated because I couldn’t find a good pair of forest green ones. All the Amazon pairs were $25+ for freaking gloves…)

-Knee-high 3-in snakeskin boots

-Black velvet choker

-Teal tights

-Black booty shorts (for the 2nd party, I wore this pair of black lace panties over the tights channeling Batman himself, lol, because these shorts looked ridiculous)

-Red lipstick!