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September Mani

  This was my mani to hopefully keep through all of my 3-week China trip. It lasted a week before chipping all over the place, but at least it was pretty to look for a bit. This pinky, playful theme is brought to you by e.l.f. nail polish and H&M polish. Love the micro glitter and the subtle hint of pink it has.
  The weekend before our massive getaway was also my hub’s birthday weekend. His generous company gave him $100 to spend so we used it on yummy meals and admission tickets! Here you see my impressive beef negimaki on a plate of lightly sauteed vegetables. Major yum factor but also major price. We chose Yamato last minute and it will definitely be the last time. Location is far out in Monroeville, prices are way too high and they offered NOTHING on the day of your birthday. Boo…

  Our Saturday pre-birthday meal at Spice Island was much better. Look at that freshness and thick peanut buttery goodness! Anything on a stick intrigues me so this was a win. The hot sauce was house made and the rice was in a certain, which I really like. Prices were reasonable and there was even a small discount for paying with cash. That’s the way it’s done! Credit cards accepted but you get a small reward if you opt for cash. Well done, Spice Island.
  I finally made it to Phipps Conservatory! It’s quite a drive from where I live but I don’t anticipate coming back here in a while. Of course I chose the hottest, most humid day to make it out here. I was wiping off sweat and shading my eyes the whole time. It’s the biggest botanical place I’ve been to and I definitely enjoyed the themed rooms. There was even some sort of farmer’s festival on the grounds so we got to enjoy that as well. I bought a mint plant that we nursed for a few days before dying a horrible death due to no rains for 20+ days. Goodness, Pittsburgh, get your weather right.   Standing next to a Chihuly display.
  Big, creamy orchids!  Giant Amazon lily pads! Apparently one of these can hold up a 10-yr old child!

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Nashville Wedding

This is my themed Nashville wedding mani! I used e.l.f. metallic pink with Sally Hansen chrome on the ring fingers. It’s all topped off with the lightest glitter topcoat from Wet n Wild. I love nudes, pinks, peaches and bling when I think of Nashville. 

Tom was a groomsman for my hubs in our wedding so it is fitting that my hubs serve as groomsman for Tom’s wedding :). It was a very intimate, small wedding (70 guests) with the ceremony and reception taking place in the same location. I find that rare but amazingly convenient for the guests! My wedding ceremony took place right on the dance floor complete with arch and decorations. When it came time for the reception, it was cleared off for festivities!

This Nashville wedding adopted a very rustic country chic theme. The bride painstakingly planted her own wedding garden and tended to it for a whole year just to create her bouquets and centerpieces you see here. No need for the florist here! I applaud her efforts. The variety, freshness and design of the arrangements were A+! Her place settings were also DIY watercolor with gold Sharpies. The tiny little pots you see are the favors–local Nashville honey!

I absolutely loved the macaron bar. I got to try 3 different flavors between the hubs and me. Mmm…yay for the lemon cream!

The cake sported the newest Pinterest trend–incomplete icing cakes. The flowers she chose looked so pretty and makes the cake stand out in all its simplicity. It was prettier than it tasted; way too sweet for me.

I love planning wedding guest outfits and had this number picked out months ago :). It was so flouncy and easy to dance in this dress! The only downside was that I had to constantly check that my purse strap didn’t catch on the chest area…

We even got to beat the TN heat at our huge indoor heated pool! Thanks, Springhill Suites!

I picked and arranged these beauties from my front yard. Difficult? Yes. Painful? Definitely. Beautiful? Yes, girl! Fresh, fragrant roses cannot be beat! 


Garden Delights

Without any prior planning, purchasing, seeding or really any maintenance, I found that at this time of year, I have multi-colored day lilies blooming all around my property!  This one is my particular favorite. The color really is spectacular–a deep pinkish fuchsia with subtle white stripes and a warm yellow center. It is such a surprise and delight to discover these blooming after such a dreary winter.

Now these here are the tangerine/coral variety and have recently spouted up all over my front yard. I cut several buds and arranged them in a pretty vase. I also forgot that they are day lilies; meaning they bloom and wilt within a period of a day. When they bloom, they are large and magnificent. When they wilt, they get this awful purple juice on my white wicker furniture. Maybe they don’t make the best table centerpiece indoors, but I thought it would brighten up my sunroom so much!

These lovelies are my hydrangeas. I only know this variety of flower from Harry Potter book 5 :). Just look at these velvety, lush petals! The pink is vibrant and the lavender shade is mixed with a je ne sui pas hint of periwinkle. Beautiful! These last much longer than the day lilies as home decor pieces. They have been going for a week strong now! 

Mid-July mani time! I used H&M mint shade on the bluish side and drew a vertical stripe using an e.l.f metallic pink. I like the pastel/pool like they create.

This past weekend, my OSU gals paid me a quick visit! We went hiking and frisbee throwing in Frick park. Check out our daring ravine escapade!

This image is courtesy of my friend Lauren (from above). She enjoyed my landscaping efforts and wanted to capture the spirit of our pond/waterfall from this view.


Kitten Dreams 

The most important event that happened to me since my last post was that I am officially a pet owner! I adopted this sweet, tiny little kitten! My husband and I decided long ago that if we were ever to get a cat, its name would be Pangur Ban. We were inspired after watching the animated feature The Secret of Kells. There was a clever ghost cat named Pangur Ban her own theme song. My mom keeps pronouncing it wrong and calling her “Pikachu” or “Peter Pan.” Her Chinese nickname is also acceptable–Xiao Mimi.

Pangur Ban’s mother is a feral cat and I saw a picture of her; she is a gorgeous long-haired sweetie pie with a glossy heather gray coat. Pangur Ban has the potential to be a beauty queen when she grows out of her kitten scruffiness! She is the newest love in my life, and both the hubs and I adore the crap out of her!

  I’m starting July off right with a sophisticated mani. This is an e.l.f shade called Nude and the ring finger has a topcoat from H&M that goes spectacularly with a blush background. I wish every glitter shade I own could look like this bottle. It’s also easier to remove than those obstinate chunks of crazy glitter.

 The hubs and I attended another round of high tea (because I am obsessed with everything tea!). This time, our location was Flowers in the Attic.


-Victorian house setting was perfect and beautiful

-Shops, galleries and gardens all around and inside the house were fun to peruse

-Size and taste of sandwiches were great. High teas tend to lean heavy on the sweet side so it was nice to be able to call this a brunch

-Iced tea was an option and came with its own small carafe for a refill

-Our server was great and attentive


-Even with my Groupon that I already paid for, there was still an additional $15 charge for tiny amounts of food. Guess I’m paying to be in the house?! The same Groupon for the fancy Omni William Penn was only $25 for 2 people with ZERO extra charges.

-No credit card option. I at least thought I could pay the extra charges with plastic but that wasn’t an option. *sigh* I seriously will avoid small businesses if they don’t let me pay with credit card. I will even pay in bitcoin before counting out coins and crap.

-Desserts here were lacking. No fruit on the side, no devonshire cream, and the scones were as big as my finger. Uh…this is not worth $24 a person. Yeesh.

-Mandatory included gratuity of 20%. I felt better about tipping at the Omni because it was up to me. Forcing a fixed amount to the customer is in bad taste especially since everything else was so overpriced. Pay your servers a living wage so the burden of their paycheck doesn’t fall to me.

Bottom line: will I recommend this place or visit in the future? Nope. Cute experience, but not even another Groupon can lead me back here.


June Times

  My June mani is a fun way to summer it up! This is a new shade I’m trying called Bachelorette Bash from Essie! It’s a perfect glossy hot pink with the slightest hint of magenta. The ring finger has an extra topcoat from e.l.f nail polish Confetti. It’s been over a week since I first layered this on and only had 1 tiny chip on my right hand. I’m usually pretty good at preserving my manis :).

  I got to try my first vermicelli bowl at a Vietnamese restaurant. I had the grilled pork edition and it took me only a few minutes to gobble everything up. My fellow OSU friends visited me this weekend and we had this amazing meal at Pho Van in the Strip District. I’ve been here before but have only ever tried pho. Now I know to always get the bowl with the grilled meats, mmm…

  Cake and Sparkletini wine time! The girls and I were classin’ it up with fruit layered Chinese cloud cake and sparkling raspberry wine. Yummers!

  My housewarming party with another set of Ohio friends brought this treat all the way from Golden Delight bakery in Columbus. Joy!

 Wanted to capture this pretty dish from Bar Marco a couple of weeks ago. Portions- minuscule. Prices – exorbitant. Taste – tasty. Tips – NO! Would maybe come back during happy hour again but refrain from the custom cocktails. Mine was tiny, too sweet and didn’t have the fruit pieces I requested.