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Estée Lauder Mani


Normally I really would not spend over $15 for a bottle of nail polish, so I still would never recommend Estee Lauder nail polishes over ESSIE, OPI or any other brand. But because I’m going through an obsessive beauty junkie phase of my life these past couple of months, I’ve been plunking down serious moolah over name brand beauty products like it’s my job. I rationalized my $68 Estee Lauder purchase since it’s a gift for my lovely cousin in China who is bananas over its Advanced Night Repair line. The plus is that I got to keep the Nordstrom free 6-piece set for myself! In that cute little spring set, there was a nail polish (perfect for me! Usually, the samples are always mascara…ugh…I have like 10 brand-name mascaras that I won’t ever use up. Give me something else, please!)

The packaging is a square little bottle with a shiny gold handle. Love! The color itself is bold and beautiful. I would describe it as a rich plum red with fuchsia glitter. One coat almost seemed like enough but I had to slather on two just to get my signature opacity level. It’s called Smash and it’s appropriate because it’s such a smash of pure, attention-grabbing color! For Pittsburgh murky weather, it’s just the touch of zing I need in this 60-degree weather cloudy days!