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Rose gold and Tiffany blue mani modeled atop of my current read–Atomic Love by Jennie Fields. I used an H&M polish and a mini Formula X from Ipsy. The Formula X really does just glide on and applies so smoothly. Just started this book and it’s just okay…seems like it’s trying too hard to come up with a unique female protagonist but she’s caught up with the same old feminine problems all other females have. Hopefully it’ll go more in depth about the science part of her work more and less about her romantic relationship.
Thanks to Tryazon and Rituals for giving me the chance to try out my 4th scent from their product line! Karma is a cleaner, sophisticated, more unisex option compared to many of their other offerings. Packaging-wise, it is my favorite so far. The cerulean blue and seafoam greens bring to mind tranquility, deep waters and soothing.
I got to try the body scrub, body cream and foaming shower gel. The body cream, like all their others is the star of the trio. It melts into skin, absorbs quickly, feels luxurious and softens skin. The scrub is filled with good for you oils and exfoliates well. It washes off easily and makes shower time seem like pamper time! The foaming shower gel is a cool product but the large metal container is just not my favorite. The dispenser gives you more product than you need at one time and even if you shake beforehand, it’s not evenly foam; some comes out in just gel form. You need two hands to grasp and press down and the metal tube while wet is quite slippery and unwieldy for small hands.

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End of Year 2016 Wrap Up

2016 was a big year. So much happened in the world and also in my own life. From my own experiences, I can say I had a pretty good year and there is much to be thankful for and proud of.

This is the most recent picture on my phone! Last weekend, I made a fun trip to my local St. Vincent’s thrift shop and it became candle-themed very quickly. I bought close to 40 votive and tealight candles, 3 candle holders, 2 napkin holders and an old pot for my candle-making tool! I made the mistake of previously using my super nice, Teflon-coated, non-stick pot before; I have learned my lesson, you guys.

The wick is twain coated with a thin layer of wax and tied to a metal nut. I melted down the remains of a Prize Candle, Yankee votive, BBWorks votive, 3 tealights and another previously melted down candle. It yielded 5.3oz. Not bad, y’all! I wish I could say it smelled good but it smells bizarre. The Prize Candle was a clean, fresh spring flowers scent but the other waxes was a mix of winter spice or vanilla (which I absolutely DESPISE the smell) so it’s a rather weird concoction! Pouring and grasping the hot hot candle holders is the most difficult part. I got smarter this time and used one of those strong office binder clips but my technique could use some work. Good thing I burn a bajillion candles every year so I can get lots of practice :).

I am packing for Christmas and this time, it’s totally appropriate that Pangur Ban is preparing too–I am bringing her to my parents’ house! I will have a whole lovely week at home and my babycat gets to enjoy it with me! I hope she becomes best friends with Muffy while she’s there. There’s a whole cycle of hating each other, turning into tolerating each other and then when they are about to separate, become friends with each other. #travelcat

How adorable is she?! Look in awe at her lovely, shiny, long gray hair! Look at that luscious, full tail!

My wrapping job might not be the best, but my coordination skills definitely are! Even the random winter bag I chose has a matching snowman! What are the odds?! So excited to give these out to my friends and family.

My current mani is 2 coats of Formula X in a deep watermelon and an alternating topcoat of VS gold glitter. I’m modeling the most recent book I finished called Little Bee by Chris Cleave. It’s a quick and interesting read but lacking facts and real conviction because it’s completely fiction. I wish the author would have wrote about a real Nigerian refugee’s experience in England instead of making it up. I thrive to educate myself when I read for pleasure and the author’s level of research was so half-assed that it’s a bit disconcerting.


Holiday Mani

  The hubs bought me roses last Friday so I diligently trimmed and arranged them in our beautiful wedding present vase. Not an hour later, Mimiboo knocks it over and destroys all that I worked for. She really has something against all flowers/plants in the house whether they be silk or real. What did flowers ever do to her?!

Pangur Ban does have the softest fur of all kitties though. She may be destructive, but at least she is my destructive kitty boo. Two days ago, she broke her first wine glass. *sigh. This is why I can’t have nice things.  My holiday 2015 mani! I used Formula X for the first time and love the texture and color selection. This was a winner from my December Ipsy bag. I just wish it were the full size. Then I used my nail stamping kit again to achieve some festive designs in a darker red. Staying power is good since it has been 3 days and no chips yet!