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Candied Mani

Visited La Gourmandine French bakery for the first time last week and enjoyed one of these babies as a result. Best cream puff I’ve ever had, even including the giant cream puff from Schmidt’s in German Village, Columbus. The pastry was so light and fresh! The cream was airy, whipped and just the slightest hint of sweet. I refrigerated first so I could enjoy the cream chilled. I live for French bakeries. Why, oh, why are you 40 minutes away from me?  Here it is: my Easter-themed candy mani! I used China Glaze lilac and pinky pink. The middle fingers have a topcoat of Sally Hansen’s 3D fuzzy confetti! It is REALLY hard to remove so I know this nail at least won’t chip. I don’t celebrate Easter but I’ve always enjoyed pastel colors in fashion and beauty.
  My babycat is sleeping in the most adorable way! Looks at those snow-white mitts of hers! She’s plumping up a little for spring time :).   This is the stray cat who makes regular visits to my front door late at night. She is very vocal and yells for Pangur Ban to come out and play. Pangur Ban is not friendly to her at all which makes me ask “why can’t we be friends?” I have named this adorable stray Marigold. She comes up real close but if I open the door, she backs away and runs into the bushes. Feel free to visit anytime you want, Marigold!

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Comfort Eats


Never mind the exorbitant $2.25 PER macaron. Never mind that I had a huge zao cha (dim sum) breakfast with 12 tapas right before. I saw a stunning tower of perfectly displayed macarons in all colors of the pastel rainbow. The door opened and gorgeous gorgeous French bakery smells surrounded me 360. I was transported back to all the Parisian bakeries I bought my pain au chocolat and fruit tarts from everyday I was in France. Normally, I’m not even a big macaron person because the hard candy shell and excessive food coloring usually would appeal to me after another less sweet pastry. But I saw that they were freshly made and filled with chilled cream which was great on that sweltering day. I chose a rose almond flavor and the hubby got the cream pistachio. Dainty. Creamy. Oh-so-French!  IMG_1880.JPG


Chili! My best friend from college visited me over the weekend and brought back my favorite Ohio souvenir–Skyline Chili! It’s a thinner, beefier type of chili that is meant to go over coneys or a generous bowl of spaghetti. Really, this is the only way to ever eat chili. I have here a 4-way which includes:

-hot Skyline chili from a can

-thin spaghetti

-“fancy shredded” (which just means really really thin) cheddar cheese

-raw chopped onion

-fresh chives (this is not an authentic Cincinnati ingredient, but I prefer it over beans)

So hearty! So Ohioan! It was the perfect meal to usher in the mild Fall weather.

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Mani Monday


I turned my Monday into an awesome day! First of all, it was a whooping 35 F degrees–warmer by 50-70 degrees since the last few weeks in Madison! It’s basically heaven for me here. I had a relatively easy workday, followed by a trip to the spa/salon I usually go to. I was hooked after the initial professional manicure, so this is my second trip :). I chose OPI color Senorita Rosealita, a perfectly rich-hued scarlet for the deep winter days…this spa location always gives you a full size bottle of polish to take home and I chose part of the Gwen Stefani collection in a matte gold; SO excited to try that out for myself sometime!

Right after the relaxing manicure, I went next door to this Parisian bakery and bought a freshly baked peach tart! Satisfied, I headed out and came home to a chicken pot pie made from scratch! I usually do the cooking so it’s always a treat when my fiance tries out his culinary chops ;). To all of you who hate Mondays, it’s just another day of the week–you can always make it great by planning something you know you’ll like!