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Rose Box – Tuesday Night Crafting!


I took an old, unused cardholder and jazzed it up! I painted the exterior and interior with a neutral taupe and lined the inside with a dark brown. Acrylic paints go so smoothly over wood surfaces. After waiting for it to dry, I applied my special Urban Decay rose stencil, swiped it with glue and poured a copious amount of purple glitter! I used a fan brush to sweep the extra off and unstuck the sticker template. There you have it–a refurbished jewelry box, gift box, business card holder or playing cardholder!

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Mermaid Blush


I used two coats to achieve this “mermaid blush.” First coat is a seafoam metallic shimmer H&M polish. The bottle is all frosted glass and the quality is great! The topcoat is also an H&M shade┬áin a clear glittertastic frenzy! I rarely use a clear topcoat to seal in the color because I’m always so anxious to try out different colors, haha! It actually makes me anxious if my nail polish lasts too long and I have to stare at the same shade/design for over two weeks. You won’t catch me paying to get a gel mani–that stuff doesn’t even come off without a professional process! Besides, the UV lamp literally tans your fingers and getting them once a month, every month, all the time will give you skin cancer.

So on that note, be healthy, ladies, and don’t over do the shellac manis! Invest in a variety of great colors and different brands and unleash your creativity!

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Glitter Craft


Got this sweet Urban Decay glitter set from my good friend when I visited her in St Louis 2 weekends ago. Even though the box clearly said Body Art, I definitely turned it into craft art. I took an old watch box, painted it in black acrylic paint and did my thing with the stencil and glitter set. You can definitely see the Urban Decay personality come through here ;). I mean what other company would give you glittertastic colors and skull stencils?

Yes, my bathroom counter will be covered in glitter until I drench it with Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner…worth it! Now I love this new jewelry box and can’t wait to dazzle another otherwise container!