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Dinner & a Show

  This is one of the best meals I’ve had in a restaurant for all of this year so far.  Holy moly, my food was good! Last Thursday, the hubby took me by surprise and whisked me off downtown as soon as he got back from the airport. We dined at Cambodican Kitchen and it was tasty tasty! I got the signature chicken kabob dish and you can tell by the picture how juicy, fresh and well seasoned the chicken looked. They have “moon” sauce that is to die for! Service was wonderful with them custom cooking me some veggies because the kabob dish didn’t come with any. Yum yum. Portion size was big so both the hubs and I took our yumminess home for a second meal the next day! The only reason I am not back there again is that they are cash only. I know it keeps costs down from the restaurant’s standpoint but it ‘s a major inconvenience for customers. The atmosphere was cramped, stifling and greasy but the food really was extraordinary.   We did it! We bought a whole patio furniture set and had dinner and lunch outside this weekend to enjoy the lovely non-sweltering rays of sunlight. I made a pitcher of iced cucumber water and felt like a million bucks sitting outside my very own solarium. Next step: a chic bistro set to place inside the bigger gazebo.  

The hubs further surprised me by taking me to see Chris Tucker live at Heinz Hall on Friday! These were the best tickets we’ve ever allowed ourselves to buy. I’m so used to sitting in the balcony that these fancy mezzanine seats really made a difference!

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Happy Mix

This post is a little spring collection of thoughts and happenings. I will start off with this amazing salad that I made on Friday night. I am not a salad girl. Up until last year, I was able to use this as a “never have I ever” card: never have I ever ordered a salad at a restaurant. You can now understand that it is not something I normally eat, make or support, lol. That is not to say I’ve never had an amazing salad! Here is my homage to the popular Asian chicken salad. This has emboldened me–I will be trying out different salads in the future!

-grilled chicken thighs brushed with sesame salad dressing and herbs de provence

-chopped artisan mixed greens

-chopped almonds

-mandarin orange slices

-red onion straws



-olive oil

-balsamic vinegar

-light soy sauce

-Chinese chili sauce

-mandarin orange juice from the can

-basil, black pepper, coarse sea salt

  April 5th is Qingming Festival, which is  tomb-sweeping day in China. It is close to a Chinese Memorial Day. My relatives in China would be sweeping the grave of my grandfather who passed away 3 years ago. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend his funeral in 2012 and I want to take the time to honor him. I have included 2 pictures that mean a lot to me.

   Just yesterday on Easter, I attended the Beauty and the Beast musical at Heinz Hall with my hubby. It was magical and the sets were great! Of course, I needed a pastel outfit to go with the occasion!

-baby blue houndstooth Jackie O style jacket

-dusty pink high heeled booties

-lemon yellow new spring Aldo domed satchel (I’m currently obsessed with domed satchels)

Still waiting for spring weather to come to Pittsburgh though. It was 54 degrees and WINDY this weekend as a high and rained the whole past week. C’mon, let’s break 60 degrees!


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