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My Life in Food Pics

Mimiboo and I sharing a glass of sparkling cider in my new favorite room to hang out in.

I put together a whole seafood hotpot in under 15 minutes! I used chicken stock, chili oil, sesame oil as the broth base. There are crab sticks, fish balls, shrimp balls, squid pieces, fish cake, bean curd and tofu skin wraps. High protein and low calories!

I made mango curry from scratch last night! Ingredients included:

-coconut milk

-canned mango with nectar

-paprika, black pepper, chili powder, basil, salt, brown sugar

-Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, chili oil, red pepper flakes

-carrots, onions, sweet potato, button mushrooms, golden mushrooms

-basmati rice

We went to this place called Thai Foon and I ordered yuntun mein! The broth could have used more flavor and the egg noodles are the wrong kind but this was still pretty dang good. 8 whole wontons were included! Plenty of qing cai (bakchoy)! I even had some leftovers! Winner!

This is how my husband and I celebrated Chinese New Year…without Chinese food at a Chinese restaurant, lol. I originally ordered dan dan mein but this restaurant did not make this :(. Then I tried ordering Cantonese noodles right off their menu and the waiter had to apologetically explain they don’t carry those noodles either. Ugh, just give me some beef Pad Thai then. Hubby got the deluxe sushi and sashimi entree that costs a small fortune. We also splurged and got steamed pork dumplings with chili oil. Mmmm…

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Thanksgiving Time! 

  We’ll start off with my Thanksgiving mani. It’s scarlet and gray time–or more accurately, scarlet and chrome. I used VS and Sally Hansen. This was themed to cheer on the Buckeyes as we took down Michigan…but too late for caring about that now. Michigan State managed to beat both our teams up and got a free ride to the Big Ten championship. Heartbreak ensues :(.
  Oh, well. Look at the bountiful hotpot Thanksgiving meal at the Ding family! No turkey for us! It’s more like beef, pork, shrimp, calamari, flounder, tofu, meatball and 30 other ingredients! We all had separate dipping sauces in each of our bowls and my mom even made her very own chili sauce from scratch! I give thanks to this!

  My fluffy little Pangur kitty wanted to pose with my November Ipsy glam bag. Definitely not my favorite bag with 3/5 products being ones I don’t need at all. Do the folks over at Ipsy even go through my profile and ratings? C’mon! I specifically said NO hair products and single eyeshadows. The bag design was beautiful but a bit smaller. Can they standardize the sizes of these things? Yeesh. I did redeem the apple lip balm so this is a sneaky way Ipsy has got me going all the way to December of this year. Every time I earn more points, I redeem them and they appear in next month’s bag. That’s how they get ya!
 And we end with my dear little fur baby! She was so ready to travel to Cleveland for Thanksgiving!