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China Trip 2015 – Food

  My China Trip food edition post! Here is my hubs holding a bowl of deep fried and seasoned crab. You eat the shell and all!
  Freshly made bean curd wraps with ground pork and vegetable filling deep fried and sprinkled with scallions and red pepper. Wushan arena street food is all too varied and overwhelming. We must have tried everything that other people were eating.

  This is delicious and delicate bread pudding. It’s more of a creamy custard folded in neat layers of biscotti-like crumbs. I should have taken more pictures at this super chic Hong Kong/Taiwan style restaurant but was too busy nom nom nom…
  The famed yang rou pao mou in Xi’an. This restaurant was loud, smoke-filled, steam-filled and totally local. I loved this hearty, thick lamb dish but could not for the life of me finish the whole thing. The pickled garlic and chli paste on the side were great additions!   Xi’an had the BEST noodles. I am a noodle connoisseur so these spicy, flavorful, handmade noodles delighted me to no end. That Xi’an chili sauce is no joke!
  Mmmm…daily buffet breakfast at the Xi’an Hilton. Best breakfast I’ve ever had in my life and I don’t even like breakfasts. This beats anything I’ve had in the U.S. And yes, that is dragonfruit on my glazed croissant ;).   This was a Northern themed restaurant in Hangzhou and that roast duck is the bees’ knees. I don’t normally eat much rice but when it’s in perfect shapes, it becomes more appealing to me.
  Buffet dinner at the Hangzhou Doubletree. What you see are 3 char-grilled oysters with a house chili sauce and a grilled lamb lollipop.   More lamb and grilled duck breast on a stick. Again, my theory of anything tastes better on a stick is still resoundingly true. This was the best duck I’ve ever had–tender and smooth as a dream and seasoned perfectly.
  Dinner buffet at the Hyatt Regency in Hangzhou. They had the best seafood assortment and dessert section to rival several restaurants put together. Yes, that is uni, which I got to try for the first time. It tastes good if dipped into a sauce. The fruit you see is rambutan and the precious little glasses contained some of the best custard desserts I’ve ever tried. What a dinner!

My relatives had impeccable taste and took my husband and I to basically the best of the best. Without their good taste and generosity I’d probably be at noodle bars all day everyday, although that doesn’t seem too bad either, eh?