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March Mani Time

Finally! New mani time! I’m using an old Sephora brand nail polish in a glossy teal paired with this dependably creamy Julep cashmere polish. It gives me a “working woman” vibe and I like how chic the combo looks. I’m modeling on top of the book I’m currently reading–The Debt to Pleasure by John Lanchester. It’s quite a curious book detailing the fictitious cookbook author and his whimsies. The style is amusingly snooty and the sparse descriptions of food are definitely enjoyable. Some of his random asides are rather educational too. I wouldn’t call it a page-turner; it assumes the reader has a high vocabulary and is well versed in geography, literature and gourmet cooking.

Check out this dainty spread! My workplace recently hosted this amazing afternoon tea event celebrating womens’ achievements the day right after International Womens’ Day! The ladies at work were invited to sample custard filled cupcakes, turtle brownies, scones, mini fruit turnovers and crackers with various pots of delicious jams! We mingled together and played a game where we had to guess which famous woman we were representing from the sticker on our back! I left feeling full and empowered :).

I made this! It was a surprisingly easy and quick meal to make:

-frozen breaded white meat chicken pieces

-thick sliced mushrooms

-carrot medallions

-sweet orange and red peppers

-lots of chopped scallions

-basmati rice

-sweet and sour sauce: canned fruit syrup, duck sauce packets, sesame seeds, black pepper, light soy sauce, crushed garlic with juices, squirt of lemon juice

Mimiboo and I enjoy some mother-daughter time. Everyday when I come home from work, I am greeted by her cries and gallops from afar! As soon as the garage door opens, she comes up and snuggles my ankles as if to say “Mommy!  Where the heck have you been for the last eight hours? Ah! I miss you!”

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Happy Lunar Year! 

First off, happy year of the monkey to everyone! Here are some fun facts:

People born in the Year of the Monkey are characterized as lively, quick-witted, curious, innovative and mischievous!

Years: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

  My luck swerved this month and I won a little giveaway from a Facebook group! The Julep nail polish was sent to me completely free of charge via a very nice lady hosting the giveaway. It is the prettiest purple I have ever seen. It’s from their Bombshell line and this one’s called Paula (which does not do this color justice in my opinion! I would’ve renamed it Zazzi or Pizzazz!) The purple is so rich and so opaque that it’s leaning more towards a cornflower blue. The luster of gold in here wins for me.
  The hubs and I went to Squirrel Hill on Saturday to catch the Chinese New Year performance held at the Jewish Community Center. Ribbon and fan dancing, martial arts and even a Chinese yo yo show! It’s tough to participate in anything culturally Asian in Pittsburgh as it’s a predominantly white, Catholic, blue-collar city, so it’s such a treat to be able to attend something like this! We dined at Chengdu Gourmet and got our spicy on! Then a must-go trip to the Pink Box bakery to pick up Chinese style cheesecake, taro cake and mocha cake! Mmmm…Finished all within 5 minutes between the two of us.   And…a picture of Pangur Ban in her customary resting spot when the hubs isn’t in town to use his sink! She does this mainly when I’m brushing my teeth, or putting on makeup. I think Mimiboo likes to pretend to use the “his” sink when I’m using the “hers” sink :).

I really want to take advantage of this promo period going on for this awesome app Poshmark. I’ve cleared out so much of my closet and made $$ while also getting to buy some hard to find beauty items in others’ closets! I highly recommend it! Here’s the dealio: download the app, sign up with my referral code PTJPS to get a whole $10 credit from the app! You can search for literally anything and I’m sure someone’s selling it! For example, just search “headband” or “mascara” and there will be tons of listings! If you happen to find something for $5, shipping is $5 and then your order becomes absolutely FREE. After you place your first order (even if it’s free!), I get $10 in my account and there’s no limit to the referral! Please ask any questions you may have. It’s really that simple. Usually, the referral promo is only $5 but for a limited time, it’s $10, so I would like to generate some referrals! If you don’t want the app after your first order, just delete it! No big d.

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Space Age Mani


My mani lasted so long last time that I wasn’t able to change up colors until now! The dark color is a deep plum purple from Julep and the ring finger is awash in a Sally Hansen chrome. I love the satiny smooth finish on it! It is definitely a bright pure silver and a gunmetaly dirty gray. As you can tell, the purple hue was so dark that I only did 1 coat on some of my nails. They are already chipping after 2 days. The two contrasting colors go well with my black/white graphic dress today!


Summer Creams


I’m usually just a one color nail polish kind of girl but I was feeling artsy yesterday. The Julep Florence color was the creamiest polish I have ever used and the pigmentation was completely opaque just after one coat. Of course, I used another coat to get that super creamy, lush texture. The triangle design took me 2 tries but in the end I got it to where it was relatively neat. I used H&M matte seafoam green. I must have gotten a bad brush with mine because it only had 2-3 sad fibers but incidentally, those sparse fibers served me well in getting some precision nail art applied. No top coat or anything, y’all–just smooth, summer creams in a half-chevron design!

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Julep Mani II


This was a much better consistency and creme quality than my last try of Julep nail polish! This demure nude color goes on thick and even. It has a fancy name of “Florence.” For a whole year, I’ve been trying to add splashes of color to my nail palette and ESSIE has really helped out with that. Now that it’s winter, darks and nudes are coming into play again! I’m a huge fan of a the buff nail and French manicure. They just make your hands look so ladylike and delicate.

Had to remember to cancel my Decemeber Maven box this time so I wasn’t automatically charged. Julep always picks the box that doesn’t really strike my fancy even though the quiz describes me. It’s a flawed system but I’ll wait it out til January to see if there’s a cool enough box for me. Otherwise, you must call customer service to cancel your account. They make it hard so you forget about skipping every month and just get charged.


Julep Mani


I tried out this Julep brand partly just because of the packaging, partly because I only had to pay for the shipping.

I usually don’t like dark nail polishes so I only own 2 deep blues and that’s about it. I wanted to challenge myself and try something witchy and bold for this cold weather season. This color is deepest plum and the Julep name is Padma. The box printed all sorts of claims, like hexagonal coverage, breathable nails and green coffee beans? Anyways, my take on it is that the formula is way too thick. The brush is a weird, chunky shape and length making application really messy (even for steady hands like mine). The color is also even darker than from what I see in the bottle which is disappointing because now I just have goth black nails like a teenager :(. The only okay part about this overly expensive nail polish is the coverage–I painted 2 coats but you really only need one with this hue and this brand.