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Holiday Mani

  The hubs bought me roses last Friday so I diligently trimmed and arranged them in our beautiful wedding present vase. Not an hour later, Mimiboo knocks it over and destroys all that I worked for. She really has something against all flowers/plants in the house whether they be silk or real. What did flowers ever do to her?!

Pangur Ban does have the softest fur of all kitties though. She may be destructive, but at least she is my destructive kitty boo. Two days ago, she broke her first wine glass. *sigh. This is why I can’t have nice things.  My holiday 2015 mani! I used Formula X for the first time and love the texture and color selection. This was a winner from my December Ipsy bag. I just wish it were the full size. Then I used my nail stamping kit again to achieve some festive designs in a darker red. Staying power is good since it has been 3 days and no chips yet!



Nail Wraps! 

  I’ve seen this stickers long enough and was finally brave enough to try them out! No, these are not the famed Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. They are just off brand something something with a cool design. Before using these, I’ve always thought the application process would be tricky because of the extra material left over. I found that filing them off was relatively easy! However, my edges are a bit rough and not as seamless as the pictures would have you believe.


-awesome design that I could never freehand in a million years

-longer pieces can be used on 2 nails for me since I have tiny everything

-no dry time wait! Can instantly go about your business afterwards


-these “standard” sizes don’t exactly fit the width of my nails. I had to go in with a cuticle trimmer to make them look okay.

-good at a distance. Close up, the tips are not exactly smooth since these are stickers. I had some unavoidable bumps.

-weird texture. Maybe I shouldn’t have picked such a crazily glittery set. After application, my nails are catching onto my beloved tights and sweaters and blankets.

-removal? I have no idea! I guess we’ll cross that bridge next week!

 And I couldn’t resist throwing in a shot of my cuddly fur goblin, Pangur Ban. This is one of her rare sleepy moments as all the other times, she is wrecking havoc in my house and waging war against my home decor…

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October Times

  Fall mani time! Of course, I waited 5 days before taking a good pic of my mani so you will see some inevitable chipping. This true, smooth blue is brought to you by Sephora polish and the ring finger is brought to you by Bikini So Teeny Essie! As you can see, Essie is doing okay but the Sephora is chipping steadily…I must be into opaque blues because I have 4 super similar shades by 4 different brands.
  A killer frost swept over the Pittsburgh lands last weekend so that my beautiful zinnias that I grew from seeds all died. Are they perennials? Will they come back automatically next year? They sure are lovely and come in a variety of colors! This one here is my favorite batch yet.

  I can’t really figure out what the pale orchid wildflowers are. They suddenly popped up on my front lawn out of no where after I came back from China. They were rather cute so I put them in a vase. I have a sneaking suspicion they are actually weeds but it would have to be my favorite weed ever!
 And at last! I have reunited with my fur goblin baby! Pangur Ban is at home after her vacay at my parents’ house. She made a new friend and got plenty of love and socializing. Now she is back destroying my silk flower arrangements and scratching my all tweed outfits. Note to self–do NOT wear tweed outfits around kittens!


Kitten Dreams 

The most important event that happened to me since my last post was that I am officially a pet owner! I adopted this sweet, tiny little kitten! My husband and I decided long ago that if we were ever to get a cat, its name would be Pangur Ban. We were inspired after watching the animated feature The Secret of Kells. There was a clever ghost cat named Pangur Ban her own theme song. My mom keeps pronouncing it wrong and calling her “Pikachu” or “Peter Pan.” Her Chinese nickname is also acceptable–Xiao Mimi.

Pangur Ban’s mother is a feral cat and I saw a picture of her; she is a gorgeous long-haired sweetie pie with a glossy heather gray coat. Pangur Ban has the potential to be a beauty queen when she grows out of her kitten scruffiness! She is the newest love in my life, and both the hubs and I adore the crap out of her!

  I’m starting July off right with a sophisticated mani. This is an e.l.f shade called Nude and the ring finger has a topcoat from H&M that goes spectacularly with a blush background. I wish every glitter shade I own could look like this bottle. It’s also easier to remove than those obstinate chunks of crazy glitter.

 The hubs and I attended another round of high tea (because I am obsessed with everything tea!). This time, our location was Flowers in the Attic.


-Victorian house setting was perfect and beautiful

-Shops, galleries and gardens all around and inside the house were fun to peruse

-Size and taste of sandwiches were great. High teas tend to lean heavy on the sweet side so it was nice to be able to call this a brunch

-Iced tea was an option and came with its own small carafe for a refill

-Our server was great and attentive


-Even with my Groupon that I already paid for, there was still an additional $15 charge for tiny amounts of food. Guess I’m paying to be in the house?! The same Groupon for the fancy Omni William Penn was only $25 for 2 people with ZERO extra charges.

-No credit card option. I at least thought I could pay the extra charges with plastic but that wasn’t an option. *sigh* I seriously will avoid small businesses if they don’t let me pay with credit card. I will even pay in bitcoin before counting out coins and crap.

-Desserts here were lacking. No fruit on the side, no devonshire cream, and the scones were as big as my finger. Uh…this is not worth $24 a person. Yeesh.

-Mandatory included gratuity of 20%. I felt better about tipping at the Omni because it was up to me. Forcing a fixed amount to the customer is in bad taste especially since everything else was so overpriced. Pay your servers a living wage so the burden of their paycheck doesn’t fall to me.

Bottom line: will I recommend this place or visit in the future? Nope. Cute experience, but not even another Groupon can lead me back here.