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Chic Soda


Just look at this packaging! What a beautiful transparent can/bottle hybrid. The local Chinese grocery store sells this and I’ve tried most of the flavors by now. Lychee is my usual go-to but I thought I’d give this white peach another hit. The green apple is also very refreshing and flavorful. Asian sodas make the world go round. I’m also a fan of the Japanese sodas with those cool glass marbles in the bottles–Ramune.

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Birthday Meal for Hubby


I know, I’m kind of an awesome girlfriend–went all out to create John’s favorite meal for his birthday.

Ingredients: thick Asian glass noodles, sautéed shrimp, chopped broccoli, bamboo shoots, scallions, garlic, snow peas and fresh lime.
Sauce: peanut butter, chili powder, soy sauce, grape seed oil, sesame oil, garlic salt

Signature cocktail: iced tea, Midori, lychee syrup garnished with a lychee and lime slice. Tropical bliss!


Oh yeah, and I got him handcrafted cupcakes from a local European bakery. That is a pecan carrot cake and cappuccino flavor 🙂