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Super Homemade!


I finished this beautifully roasted rotisserie chicken and wanted to try my hand at some hearty chicken stock from scratch! The results after manually slicing off all the tender meat off the bones and stewing the goods for a good hour or so? Amazing freshness and the most flavorful chicken broth I have ever had! The next day, I prepared two big bowls of delicious chicken soup with veggies as an appropriate appetizer for the frostiness of Pittsburgh.

My entree consisted of pan-seared tilapia filets brushed with a roasted red pepper and eggplant tapenade. I also used 3 whole garlics in my new mortar and pestle to get all those yummy juices out and tossed on baby spinach and cherry tomatoes. The veggies were seasoned with a light drizzle of sesame seed oil and crushed sea salt. Fancy enough to go in the seafood section of a restaurant (if I do say so myself!).