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Nail Wraps! 

  I’ve seen this stickers long enough and was finally brave enough to try them out! No, these are not the famed Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. They are just off brand something something with a cool design. Before using these, I’ve always thought the application process would be tricky because of the extra material left over. I found that filing them off was relatively easy! However, my edges are a bit rough and not as seamless as the pictures would have you believe.


-awesome design that I could never freehand in a million years

-longer pieces can be used on 2 nails for me since I have tiny everything

-no dry time wait! Can instantly go about your business afterwards


-these “standard” sizes don’t exactly fit the width of my nails. I had to go in with a cuticle trimmer to make them look okay.

-good at a distance. Close up, the tips are not exactly smooth since these are stickers. I had some unavoidable bumps.

-weird texture. Maybe I shouldn’t have picked such a crazily glittery set. After application, my nails are catching onto my beloved tights and sweaters and blankets.

-removal? I have no idea! I guess we’ll cross that bridge next week!

 And I couldn’t resist throwing in a shot of my cuddly fur goblin, Pangur Ban. This is one of her rare sleepy moments as all the other times, she is wrecking havoc in my house and waging war against my home decor…