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Down Time Painting


Blocking out some time to do a little art project is good for someone who spends 8 hours of her day staring at a screen. It took me two brief sittings to finish this and while it’s nothing special or masterful, I can point to it tangibly and say, “here’s the result of my free time spent doing this!” I usually paint with oils so going back to acrylic on canvas is a little like downgrading. I even busted out my linseed oil to attempt to liquefy my paints a little more. If not in use for over 8 minutes, your blob of freshly squeezed acrylic paint will dry. I used the cute wooden palette board that came with this painter’s set and I must have been doing something completely wrong because those colors are on there permanently!

I tend to prefer still life paintings, so this chippy little lighthouse scene is quite different than my other works. The paints the set came with are very very basic so without putting too much effort into the art of mixing, the end result is that this piece is full of stark, primary colors. The style isĀ kindergarten-esque, albeit with some control of the brush. I am just proud that I finished and that what I painted could be loosely recognized as objects in real life. šŸ˜‰


Sea Shells by the Sea Shore



From my latest trip in Long Island, I spent half a day collecting gorgeous shells by the beach. I decided to turn these two into cute little jewelry holders. They would be functional and so pretty to look at on display atop your armoire or nightstand.

I painted a few layers of acrylic paint in Tiffany blue and gray to get them really opaque. Then I alternated the colors and mixed them with my pearlescent paint on the inside. The inside is what would be on display so I took extra attention. Waiting for them to patiently dry was the hardest part! But here they are–diy ring or earring holders! One will be a gift for my sister and one will be for a good friend. I have many more shells in varying sizes and cannot wait to craft them into other jewelry holders, soap dishes, candles even or decor for a shadowbox!