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Vase Crafts



People are going to think I’m ridiculous but I got this craft idea after watching Captain America II. You heard right, NOT Pinterest, haha. My hubby and I have been collecting wine corks for 2.5 yrs now (throwing away some of the lower-end brands and any unmarked corks) with no way of displaying them. They have been sitting in a box collecting dust until I saw a character in that movie tastefully display his collection of wine bottle corks in a large, amber-tinted vase in his living room. I immediately did the same thing to the most beautiful vase we own.



This nice square glass vase came with the Stargazer lilies I ordered for my mom last Christmas. She adored the flowers but gave me back the vase for a future craft–my mom knows me well! I filled it halfway with aquarium glass pebbles in royal blue and plastic diamonds (leftover from wedding planning). Then I topped it off with two delicate origami waterlilies. I leave both these vases on our wide window sill. The stones sparkle when they catch the sunlight and imitate ripples of waves under my paper flowers!


Posh Mani


I love pairing these two colors! This deep and rich purplish navy is so right for this breezy fall season! The pop of shimmery posh pink is more than enough to preppify this manicure ;). I like the hot pink/navy combination of colors so much I have this whole Pinterest board just filled with all these amazing furniture and home decor pieces I wish to someday have.

Nail polishes used:

-Essie’s Madison Ave-Hue

-Victoria’s Secret Game On

I secretly hope this polish doesn’t last as long as my last mani so that I can change up more colors! Essie, why must you be so long-lasting?