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April Mani

To combat the gloom of incessant rain, cloud temperatures and cloudiness, I opted for a vibrant, posh pink mani complete with some glitz! I used:

Essie’s Madison Ave-hue and Victoria’s Secret’s Showstopper. I also put on a Diamond Candles ring that wasn’t a size 10. Well…it was a size 7 so it still didn’t fit me but the citron is definitely eye-catching! I usually just get plain boring old white/clear stones so this is great for me. It also looks like it could pass for a lemony topaz, my birthstone!

This month, most of my big girl allowance (from myself, lol) went to purchases on Poshmark. That, and the mortgage, but I won’t talk about that. For most of last year and this year, I had been using this awesome app to sell things from my own closet. It’s rather cathartic to clear clothes, makeup, perfumes, shoes and make sure the things I don’t use anymore go to someone who will give them some lovin’! Lately, I’ve been using it to shop and boy, it’s addicting! The flat shipping fee of $5 is most def a deterrent to buying lower-price items, so the trick is to find multiple items you like from a seller and create a bundle. I have found that people are usually pretty nice about discounts and some are even nice enough to add a beauty sample or two! I know I always add a pair of free earrings, a lipgloss, a lotion sample, eyeshadow, ring, etc. for people that bundle or buy something for over $10. Just in the last 2 weeks, I have been guilty of purchasing from 6 separate sellers, totaling up to $118 with $20 of that going to just shipping. There was thankfully a sale on shipping when a seller lowers the price of their item by at least 10%. That sounds like a lot but I also got a lot! I even secured the perfect floral dress for a summer wedding! I was also in the market for a new toner and I snagged a pre-owned Estee Lauder toner for only $7 that will last me probably 5 months! Anyways, I’m going to try to REALLY restrain myself not to “like” everything on all those girls’ closets, so here’s to hoping I make some sales of my own sometime to catch up with my makeup and fashion addiction ;).



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Suede Booties


Time for a shoe post! These pretty little high heeled booties are not new but since Madison has officially entered winter phase, I am busting out a whole other set of footwear!

I love the height, the deep brown color, the cute laces, the velvety material…but curse my tiny feet! I wish I fit them better and I can NEVER control myself when I see shoes I absolutely love. I’m actually trying to sell these babies much to my sadness in preparation for my eventual move out of this city. The Poshmark app on the iPhone is super amazing and beneficial! I just successfully sold another pair of cute suede, high-heeled slip on clogs on that app that were 2 sizes too big for me. At the time of purchase, I convinced myself that I just needed a pair of thick socks to rock these shoes, but they still never quite fit :(. Hence, most of my shoes are in like-new condition and all too big for me.

Please check out my closet and help me get rid of some of my fashion finds!