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Crispy Tofu & Sandwiches!

Here are two things that really satisfied my after-work hunger pains recently:



I’ve been told to visit Pittsburgh’s famous city chain: Primanti Bros, where they serve all their sandwiches with fries and coleslaw IN them. I think overall, the portions were good and it tasted pretty good, but man, there are so many things this place could take further or improve. For one, toast the bread! They are thick, generous slices, but would taste so much better if they were buttered and toasted! Also, do a combination of different types of fried things in the sandwiches. Okay, steak-cut fries are okay, but haystack onion rings are way better and flavorful. Honestly, this is not the first time I’ve tried a sandwich with lots of crap in it–PJs on High Street on the Ohio State campus offered giant sandwiches in every combo that were cheap and more or less just considered drunk food. Toppings included onion rings, mozzarella sticks, hashbrowns, you name it! Also, not enough meat! My angus steak strips left me wanting for way more than just one skimpy layer at the bottom. Grade: B.



This amazing dish was inspired from Pochis, also on High Street in Columbus. Note–many of my rosy food experiences were during the 4 years I lived in Columbus, OH for college, at an age when really opening up about food.

I really aimed for the perfectly cubed (courtesy of my hubbie!) and flash-fried blocks of fresh tofu and a homemade sweet & tangy dipping sauce. The result was a party in my mouth. Mmmm!

Dipping sauce:

-Store-bought sweet Thai chili sauce

-Sushi grade soy sauce

-Sesame seeds


-Lemon zest

-Grape seed oil