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Dreamy Sweets

As an early birthday treat, the hubby went downtown to the famed Pittsburgh Prantls Bakery and brought back some mini cupcakes. The ones here are white chocolate raspberry and burnt almond torte. Mmmmm…after trying mini cupcakes, I don’t think I could even go back to the regular sized ones with only one type of frosting. In the fridge, two other flavors await me! They went well with the glass of white wine and action movie that we put on, haha–X-Men: Days of Future Past. I had about two sips of the wine in all but aesthetically, it paired well with the cakes.



This, my friends, is the gorgeous chocolate raspberry tart made by my coworker from scratch! No baking required! She used chocolate graham cracker and butter as the crust, heavy whipping cream, pureed raspberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips for the filling. Marvelous and not overly sweet. Desserts with fruit are my favorite kind. I look forward to hosting grand dinner parties at my new home with plenty of entertainment space when I move!


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One of my bridesmaids Michelle made all the attendents of my bachelorette party these amazing favor bags and mine came with this miniature Sparkletini Italian raspberry spritzer! She got these cute little bottles at World Market and thought we’d all enjoy them without getting too much of a headache. It was easy to open and easy to drink (for someone allergic to alcohol…). The bubbles and raspberry flavor make this drink a winner!