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The Start of 2018

Happy end of 2017! Gosh, I have such intensely conflicting feelings about 2017. For most of the year, I was in constant pain, discomfort and a state of anxiety. Pregnancy and delivery near broke my body. But after everything was said and done, I did welcome the most precious little bundle of joy who promptly stole my heart and changed the way I view life forever. Pain, nausea, swelling, acid reflux, massive weight gain, clumsiness…you name it, I got it! Throw in getting T-boned by a 79-yr old while 8 months along and you got yourself 2017 in a nutshell. I have to recognize that this was also Pangur Ban’s worst year, lol. She was confined to our house for the duration of my pregnancy and then demoted to 2nd place in our hearts and household after Daphne was born. It is a lot to take in for an adorable glamour puss. She surprisingly has been very friendly to the baby, even if she does like to hog the changing table at times. I can’t wait for little Daphne to be old enough to interact with Pangur Ban!

I’m sporting Revlon’s parfumerie line in Moonlit Woods with fruit water decals and loving it. This gray violet shade is metallic, opaque and smells like a sweet bouquet after drying! I want this entire nail polish line but it’s from several years ago. The scent lasts for about 2 days and you only need 2 coats for this thick, creamy consistency!

The mani is modeled on top of the first book I read in 2018–The Fifty Year Sword by Mark Z. Danielewski. If you’ve read his other masterpiece House of Leaves, you’ll know this is an experimental horror book. The story was okay and it took about 1.5 hrs to finish the whole thing! There were many words misspelled on purpose but I’m not sure I liked that. I cringed every time I read these atrocities…

My MIL and SIL had fun putting Daphne in this old Radio Flyer wagon. She is the perfect size for this contraption! #cheeksfordays

Lucca the bordercollie was a lot better behaved this time around. We spent Christmas break on Long Island and I have to award Daphne with the best traveling baby award. She only cried for fewer than 10 minutes during the worst traffic between the George Washington bridge and LIE. Many adults have cried for longer. It took 9.5 hrs with 4 stops on the way there and 8.5 hrs with 2 stops on the way back.

Dog + Babby pic. Santa’s helper baby!

The week before our big Christmas trip, we took a smaller trip to Columbus, OH to celebrate my sister’s undergraduate graduation from Ohio State! Daphne slept the whole 3.5 hrs of that trip, the little angel. Here she is, posing sweetly at our scarlet and gray decked out hotel!

Oh, hi, Brutus! O-H to you too! The Schott was as big and chaotic as I remembered it.

With so many dog pics, I had to sneak in this cat pic too. This is Molly, my hubby’s friend’s gorgeous, long haired midnight beauty!

And to end this post with my little Daffodil in her lamby outfit :). To a less painful but more exciting year! Cheers!

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Flirty 30

Flirty, 30 and thriving? I’m not sure I feel like Jennifer Garner’s character from 30 Going On 30; rather, I’m way more accomplished than she was at 30, haha. This is my first birthday as a mom and I’m feeling good about it. I’m still on maternity leave so I have yet to balance the whole working mom aspect, and I know there will be challenges there. So until that day comes, I’m blissfully going to enjoy these times I’m spending with my adorable baby girl.

Current manicure gimmick: water nail decals. I bought a buttload of these sheets so I’m itching to try all of them out! I opted for these annoying Minon ones first just to see how they would look. Decent, I guess. The dark gray accent nail background color was a mistake but going forward, I will not commit this error. The gray is a Sephora brand and the lovely creamy orchid is an Ulta nail polish. I like the broad applicator of the Sephora one better but the size and selection of the Ulta one more.

The book I’m reading right now is an absolute page-turner. I’m so in awe of this gripping yarn and these fascinating characters the author has woven. Who knew I would enjoy a book about a cathedral being built? The preface has Ken Follett admitting he isn’t religious at all, and that his interest in writing about a cathedral was more along the lines of the architecture and culture behind it. I can dig that.

Fall outing at Gerber’s Dairy, a now annual tradition! This mini golf green made a great background for my pic!

Baby girl’s precious smiles and giggles for her momma :).¬†

I’ve named this toy Babylon 5 and gave him a French accent. He’s a big hit.

I’m obsessed with #Crowdtap’s samplers! I recently sampled the #Revlon sugar kiss exfoliator and lip creme plumper in nude honey. The sugar crystals of the lip scrub melted easily into my lips and didn’t need to wiped away! So easy to get soft, minty lips! The lip creme plumper easily layered on top in a universally flattering nude rose tone. That needed a few applications and was not very long lasting, but it was so smooth and non-sticky!

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Spring Blush Mani


I’m giddy for spring to come after getting a taste of 60 degree weather last Monday. Of course, it snowed this week and temperatures drop to a high of 30 on Saturday…but who says I can’t spring-themed something I can control? After the crazy neon mani, I’ve decided to go for a blushing demure look. The two polishes I used are Revlon’s Sheer Rose and H&M pink glitter topcoat in Zoo.


Royal Mani



My nails have not gotten lots of lovin’ lately with all my new home preoccupations. Both polishes are not new but they are enough that I have never tried this combination together before. The purple is a perfumed line from Revlon that does indeed smell rather pleasant when it’s dry! The gold ring finger polish is OPI’s matte texture one that unfortunately chips quite easily. It still creates such a lovely brushed gold look that I don’t mind its ephemeral nature. In no way is this mani a Valentine theme, but I would categorize it as a royal theme. As always, I skip the top coat because most of my polishes are such good quality that there’s a hardly a real need.

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Halloween Mani


Wanted to do my spin on the old orange and black! I paired a purplish navy with a coral-y peach shimmer shade to lean on the side of feminine rather than scary. The color scheme is definitely still festive but a little more playful. I ran out of nail polish remover so this mani will have to last a while! I have been using these Josie Maran nail wipes (sans acetone) that were a Christmas present so it’s great that they lasted this long! I’ve been missing the cotton ball wet soak of a normal bottle of liquid remover so that will have to be my next beauty purchase.

Navy nail polish from Victoria’s Secret

Hushed Blush from Revlon

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French Manicure


It’s been two years since I’ve given myself a French manicure. Buffs, nudes and French tips were my obsession all throughout my college years. Upon graduating school, I’ve also graduated unto bold, exciting colors and opted for the more opaque and all-out matte looks.

For this throwback Monday, I used 3 coats of Revlon’s Sheer Blossom that really is quite sheer and ladylike. Then I used the white nail pre-cut tape strips to stencil an accurate white tip with Sally Hansen. For my final coat, instead of a clear coat, I used one more coat of that glassy, sheer pink on top, rounding out my look nicely. Letting the darned thing dry was the hardest. The white Sally Hansen tips took literally forever. I’ve had to fix at least 4 nails just hours later because they became warped upon touching. Are whites other than Sally Hansen better at drying? I need to find one.

Perfumed Nail Polish!

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I discovered a great new line of nail polish! Revlon¬†Parfumerie gets an A rating from me! Ratings from other reviewers were mixed but I think they might not have chosen the right scent/shade. Just from the ads, I would have gone with my first choice, China Flower, but I do already down a VS red and a H&M intense pink. So I settled on Moonlit Woods, a lovely metallic slate purple. On webpages, the color looks like a blue base but in person, it definitely leans purple. I was skeptical about the scent (especially nail polish–I mean, they usually smell unpleasant and strong) but I am impressed with the lingering effects! You can slightly smell the scent when you open the bottle but it settles nicely after the polish dries. I brushed this on last night and it’s still smelling beautifully sweet & floral throughout my work day! It lasts longer than even top-notch perfumes.

The consistency is a little thick for my liking, but hopefully that translates to less chipping. It doesn’t brush on very smoothly; you must work with it to get it evenly layered. Two coats of this is definitely enough. I got this on Ulta online at a discount because drug stores sell them for over $6. If you see them on sale, try it out for yourself and pick a fun shade! Whenever I’m cupping my chin or supporting my face with my hands, a pleasant, light scent wafts over from my fingernails. It’s delightful!