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Rose Box – Tuesday Night Crafting!


I took an old, unused cardholder and jazzed it up! I painted the exterior and interior with a neutral taupe and lined the inside with a dark brown. Acrylic paints go so smoothly over wood surfaces. After waiting for it to dry, I applied my special Urban Decay rose stencil, swiped it with glue and poured a copious amount of purple glitter! I used a fan brush to sweep the extra off and unstuck the sticker template. There you have it–a refurbished jewelry box, gift box, business card holder or playing cardholder!

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Hologram Heels!


I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them displayed at Forever 21. My current obsession is pointy toed shoes ;). Their size 5.5 amazingly runs small and actually fits me comparatively well. The rose gold is the classiest sheen out of the 3 others in the collection. I’ve been told that these look like futuristic space shoes!