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Birthday Fun 2013

I turned 26 on November 13th! I already feel like I’m a functioning, logical adult so my older age confirms this. But whatever age you turn, getting pampered never gets old 🙂



Exhibit A: my coworker at the office bought me a huge chocolate cake complete with candles, matches and even a sweet card! So wonderful!


A Madison-chain bar/restaurant celebrates my birthday with a free mug, birthday cocktail, burger, bracelet and sundae. Boy, do I feel special.


The hubby took me out to a hip Asian Ramen & Dumpling bar downtown that I’ve wanted to go to since Valentine’s Day. We pigged out with these succulent pork belly mantou buns for the appetizer and sipped the warmed sake. I have to say that for me, sake > wine. I attribute that to the natural Asian-ness in my genes but the taste and aftertaste of sake is just so much smoother and pleasant than any type of wine.


Main course time! These huge bowls of ramen were da bomb. I got the tonkotsu flavor–rich pork broth with fresh ramen noodles topped with flavor infused egg, braised pork, marinated bamboo shoots, nori and a generous sprinkling of scallions. Warmed me right up during this 30-degree weather day…

I was so shocked when I came to the US to learn that ramen noodles were considered a poor college kid’s dinner. It is totally not so. That rich broth itself takes like 2 days to perfect, if you’re serious about it. In China, poaching an egg in a bowl of noodles is no big deal; I thought it was pretty standard. I guess that’s why all my college roommates were so impressed by my “real” instant noodle meals. I chopped vegetables, sauteed meats, sprinkled scallions and poached an egg into every bowl of instant noodles from the Asian grocery store. Why skimp on the good stuff?


Birthday dessert = heaven. Mango mochi ice cream atop drizzled chocolate sauce. Oh, my!