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Mani & Pedi! 

My bestie visiting from Columbus stayed with me this past weekend and we packed it with activities! We woke up at the butt crack of dawn (phrase she loves to use) on a Saturday to adhere Megan’s Loft’s hours. I went for a feminine spring lady look. The pink color is Suzie Pedal Faster and the accent nail is this soft purple with a metallic sheen that I forgot the name of. I asked for square shaped nails but I’m afraid she cut them too short :(.

Behold! My magnificently hued little toes! My first pedicure at a salon was quite nice. This is a new OPI color in a gorgeous shimmery periwinkle. The hot bubbly water, scrub and massage chair was definitely pampering! I can see how addicting it all is! This is perfect timing too because I’m counting on these colors lasting me ’til I hit the beach in San Diego!

Leanna and I chatted candidly…maybe a little too candidly in front of our nail tech ladies. We got more than few raised eyebrows and laughs. But hey, what’s spoken at salons never leave salons so I shall say no more. This also just naturally happens between besties who know each other too well. It has been a year since I last saw my girl, so we were throwing entirely too much shade and gossip!

Right after our nail appointment, we left for my coworker’s baby shower/belated wedding reception. Interesting combo, right? It was at a gorgeously upscale winery and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. These white chocolate party favors were the best! SO CUTE.

Look at that shimmery pink frosting! Hey hey! The topper is a plastic ring that fit on my middle finger perfectly :). My Mimiboo has claimed this as her new favorite toy already.

What a pretty ethnic rainbow we make!

And here is Mimiboo sleeping like a zombie. Her cuteness is just off the charts cray. 

This is the hand cream I currently use at my desk at work. I’m obsessed with it. It’s Tonymoly’s banana hand milk in a squeezable tube that smells like banana candy! It’s pleasant but I would say the smell goes away too quickly. I reapply often so it’s depleting at a pretty fast pace. I call it my nanner.

Hey hey, I got new kicks! Ordered these from China and they are just like the picture! Who doesn’t love a pair of platform oxfords?! They are a size 4.5 though so my feet are shuffling around in them :(. TOO BIG. Even in China, I am Thumbalina-sized.


First Professional Manicure!


Yes, it’s true–I’ve never ever gotten a manicure at a salon until last night. I went to Madison’s Rejuvenation Spa and had a great experience! My package came with a lotioned hand massage, cuticle soak and trim, nail cut and buff, base coat + OPI color + top coat + spray dry. This place gives you the bottle of OPI color, nail filer and buffing block, which is really nice!

I’ve been to this spa 3 times now and even my time in their waiting areas have been great! There are plenty of chocolate pieces, lemon waters, trail mix and dried fruits. The OPI collection lacks a lot of fun colors–no pastels or greens/blues. There are a million dfferents shades of reds and browns to choose from though! I chose this warm eggplant purple because I still want to give this hue a good try. My Julep experience was just a doozy.

I would say that a regular Salon manicure is pretty much the same as what I would do at home. I have all the materials for a DIY pro-looking mani–just invest in rich, opaque colors, build up a collection and you’re good to go! I even add a sugar hand scrub sometimes to really smooth my hands. However, this won’t be my last visit to Rejuvenation Spa before I move out of Madison. There is still the pedicure adventure I have yet to treat myself to!