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Rib Meal


Oven cooked spare ribs was a resounding success last night! Here are all the ingredients:

-Generous spare ribs portioned out

-Corn muffin mix

-Baby carrots

-Carrot sauce: raspberry vinaigrette, fresh chives, roughly smashed garlic cloves, honey, herbs de provence

-Rib sauce: gourmet ketchup BBQ sauce from Stonewall Kitchen, black pepper, herbs de provence, sea salt, chili powder

As with all my own recipes, I make them up–no book, no printed out instructions, no exact measurements–just some kitchen intuition and good flavor sense! I baked the corn muffins at the exact same temperate as the ribs and then turned up the heat a bit after the muffins were done. No timer, just a mid-point check and a good nose!


Southern-Style Chicken Dinner


Mmmm! I do love me some good Southern food. I haven’t done a food-related post in a long time so here we go!

Biscuits: Pillsbury honey butter layers

Chicken: Breast and thigh meat pan fried with bacon fat (mmmm…)

Grill sauce: Buttermilk ranch dressing + Stonewall Kitchen BBQ Ketchup, rosemary, mint, dill weed

Green Beans: I put a little bit of water into the pan after taking out the chicken so that the meat drippings and left over sauce coated the beans. Sprinkled on some sea salt and sauteed until cooked.

Drink: Jones soda green apple with fresh lemon slices and rocks