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Diamond Candle Reveal!


This is my third diamond candle and the second one from my birthday bundle gift :).

I was pleasantly surprised by the Sweety Pea scent! It lingers longer, scents a whole room and had a better ring! I am convinced that the colored waxes yield better fragrances now. This deep eggplant purple confirms my suspicions after burning through 2 white candles in the past. My ring also was the prettiest this time–my only wish is that it could have been a size 5 or even 6. Nope…of course, it comes in a size 9 (John fit it perfectly on his ring finger and he is a men’s size 9) just like the other 2 rings I’ve gotten before. Didn’t need the lack of markings to tell me that it’s a stainless steel ring with rhinestones; still cute though and suspenseful enough to wait 15 hrs of burn time for!